2019 Round 2: Coaches Corner presented by Schiavello Construction

Apr 16, 2019

2019 Round 2: Coaches Corner presented by Schiavello Construction

Seniors report presented by Western Union Business Solutions

by Peter Schwab

After the disappointment of last week, we quickly moved on to our next opponent Old Brighton, and we knew from our last practice match against them that the stoppages and contested ball would be critical to the outcome.

Our focus was on matching our opposition’s intent and making the first 30 minutes a fierce contest. We were out of the blocks quickly and managed to achieve the start we were after, although Brighton scored from stoppages which was the area we were concerned about.

Another tight contest in the second quarter showed we were ready to match Brighton’s aggressive inside game. What was apparent was if we could get the ball on the outside our run and quick ball movement could trouble them.

The beauty of the team was several of our players being able to adjust to different positions throughout the first half. At the break we again spoke about maintaining our workrate and aggression around the stoppages, but we also emphasised in possession we needed to be bold in our run and ball movement.

Brighton stepped it up in third quarter but we responded. A four goal quarter for both teams meant we were able to slightly increase our half time lead. They scored early in the last quarter and reduced the margin to less than a goal. For the second week we were facing another nail biting finish.

The desperation of the team to fight for every possession and deny them any clear passages of play were outstanding. Our ability to continue to find ways to kick goals meant we were able to gain the decisive break and a well deserved 10-point win was a great result for the effort everyone had expended.

Best: Masterson, Convery, Mackie, Gotch, Forato, Griechen
Goals: Fisher 3, Indovino 3, Michael 2, R McDonough 2, Gotch, O’Connell, Nation, Griechen 1

DLS 14.13.97 d Old Brighton 13.9.87

RESERVES Report presented by Woodards Oakleigh & Bentleigh

by Nick Hyland

Round 2 saw us have our second straight home game for the season. Treated to a perfect afternoon for footy, we were looking to maintain our winning momentum as we took on the always-competitive Old Brighton.

As happened in round 1, our start was poor. Brighton had the game on their terms right from the get go. They were smashing us in contested ball, they were cleaner with their disposal and overall they were working a lot harder than we were. Had it not been for their poor conversion, we would have been well behind early.

We were able to stick at it throughout the first quarter and grind away to gain a 9-point lead at 1/4 time.

The lacklustre start was addressed at quarter time as we tried to open up the game to our advantage. Unfortunately for us, the second and third quarters were really poor. The game was scrappy, there was plenty of stoppages and both teams failed to have any smooth link up play with ball in hand. At half time, we led by a point and by 3/4 time we found ourselves behind by 8 points.

There was a challenge ahead of us at the final break. We hadn’t played well at all. Brighton had been far better than us all afternoon, but we knew if we could somehow open the game up and if a few key players stood up, we could get ourselves in front.

Led by two of our more experienced players Luke Williams and Ed Clinch we were able to generate some run and get reward for our work. Williams had a terrific last quarter in the midfield and managed to push forward and kick 2 crucial goals, while Clinch gave us plenty of drive on the wing.

In the end it was a frustrating afternoon but we still managed to prevail by 9 points. Far from ideal, but to win ugly, when you’re not playing your best, says a lot about the character of this team.

We look forward to a week off over Easter before our road trip to St Bernard’s.

Best: Williams, Clinch, Colak, Morris

DLS 8-7-55 def Old Brighton 6-10-46

Thirds match report presented by Triple Play Sportswear

Match report unavailable

DLS 6.9.45 def by Caulfield Grammarians 15.11.101

U19 BLUE Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

by Gabe Deane-Johns

We had a positive result, but in effect it was a comfortable win that exposed some bad habits. Our second away game in a fortnight was against a smaller and quicker opposition. The boys started strongly and led by 3 goals at three-quarter time. We continued to play offensively in the second quarter and had a 50-point lead at half time.

There were signs that we were working a lot harder offensively than defensively, and this showed in general play and on the score board in the 3rd quarter. We lacked discipline defensively and were looking to run forward and collect the easy ball. Caulfield took advantage of this and got themselves back into the game. Once again, we showed we can be very mediocre when we play selfish and undisciplined football.

As expected after a bit of a three-quarter time spray, the boys responded and corrected their attitude. In the end we ran away with a 48-point victory but we can’t continue to have lapses in concentration against quality sides that we are certain to come up against. Our default setting needs to be aggressive, accountable and defensive: then we attack from there.

Nevertheless, 2 wins in 2 weeks is a positive start to the year.

Best players – C.Aitken, R.Ritson, K.Morgenthaler, O.Ryan, R.O’Meara, M.O’Connor

DLS 16.9.105 def Caulfield 8.9.57

U19 GOLD Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

A tough day for the Golds, coming up against some good opposition.

Following a really impressive Round 1 performance, a massive challenge against Old Scotch was made even more difficult with injuries smashing us early. Coupled with a poor first 15 minutes of form, and we were 6 goals down at quarter time.

The boys were challenged at quarter time and were looking to respond. A brave second quarter with minimal rotations saw the boys rally, keeping Scotch goalless in the second quarter whist kicking 3 ourselves. This meant we went into the half time break only 20 points down and full of confidence.

Unfortunately things didn’t go our way in the early going of the third and the wheels slowly fell off as the game opened up.

By 3/4 time the margin had blown out but it was important that the boys continued to fight the game out, and they did.

Whilst they struggled to contain the scoreboard pressure, the effort couldn’t be denied. A few boys in particular will enjoy a week off this coming week to refresh for a big period of football following Easter!

Best players: Canning, Cooke, Grey, McCormack, Powell, Horrigan

DLS 5.7.37 def by Old Scotch 18.14.122

U19 Colts Match Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

Report unavailable

DLS 14.20.104 def. Therry Penola 6.1.37

De La Guns (16-35 Womens) Report, presented by Vic Mix Concrete

by John McDonough

Coming off a poor performance in Round 1 against Parkdale we approached Round 2 with two key objectives: be competitive and show a ‘team first’ attitude.
Ajax had kicked 17 goals the previous week and we knew we needed to start well. From the first bounce we were in the game. Our tackle count and game style was exactly how we had trained during the week.

Hard running and strong defence let Ajax know that we were not going to let them have another easy game.

Our midfielders were accountable, our backline solid and the forwards were presenting well.

There were a number of Ajax rushed behinds in the first half and we also had plenty of opportunities to score.

A little composure in front of goal would have helped: we had too many shots dropping short of the target. Ajax went into the break with 3.1.29 on the board to our one point.

Ajax were getting frustrated with our game style as we continued to win the ball out stoppages and kick to space.

Unfortunately, they started to tag players and shut down our run: a tactic that should never be encouraged in this grade as most of the players are still learning the game.

To our credit, we worked our way around the problem and had a great second half, kicking two goals for the half and improving as the game went on.
Stand out performers on the day were Grace McDonnell and Sarah Hobson on a wing, Rachael McDonough in the middle and Michelle Bourke and Brianna Engberg in defence.

Steph McMurray and Bek McCleod also had great games.

Enjoy the Easter break as we look forward to seeing you all at the Snake Pit (St Bernards) for a triple header on April 27th.

Our game starts at 9.20am so you will have no trouble finding a park!

DLS 2.2.14 def by Ajax 7.14.56

DINO’S (DLS Over 35s) match report, presented by Malvern Auto Tech

by Peter Harrison


The De La Salle Dino’s have kicked off the 2019 season with comprehensive victory over a hardworking Whittlesea.

In a very pleasing four quarter effort we led early and extended that lead every quarter, to run out 68-point winners to kick off the premiership defence.

New signings James ‘Sanga’ Kelly and ‘Roaster’ Nankervis were both very quick to make an impact on the game and will no doubt add a lot of run and excitement moving forward.

On a day where we had so many good players, it is quite unfair to mention only a few, however, the efforts of Troy Castricum was a particular highlight across the day marking anything that came his way. Corin, Moloney, Liascos, O’Hara and Hesse were in total control down back all day, whilst the midfield, lead by two time league B & F Jason Philactides, Iggy, Justin “BJ” Costello & Knighter (for the half he played before leaving) ran rampant and unchecked throughout the day.

Up forward Snoopy Ryan’s work rate could not be matched by anyone and it didn’t go unnoticed by the opposition, who awarded him best on ground honors. Chicken Palmer kicked a couple of goals, but due to his unselfish play he deprived himself of probably kicking half a dozen. The surprise package of the day was perhaps Andrew Mackintosh who played like a young man with reckless abandon in the forward line. Having played a life time in defence Macca showed up his teammates with an offensive masterclass that we can only hope he will continue to replicate!

Overall, a terrific start to the season. The performance on the field was noticeably matched by the efforts of the players on the bus ride home. Plenty and laughs, beers and good times had.

The Dino’s continue on the road in our next game on Sunday 28 April, at Brunswick. Supporters and fans are encouraged to attend and cheer on the Dino’s!

DLS 16.10 – 106 def Whittlesea 6.2 – 38

De La Cannons (Over 35 Masters Womens) Report, presented by Vic Mix

By Patrick O’Callaghan

The Cannons kicked off their inaugural season with a great effort against a highly experienced and very polished Melbourne Masters team.

The first quarter was a tightly fought affair with the girls showing fierce determination and great endeavour to be a couple of points down at quarter time.

The second quarter proved to be an historic one for the mighty Dees, with Sharon (Darce) Humphrey, mother of Puck, kicking the first ever goal for the team and what a celebration it was, with every player getting to her to celebrate as a team. We played some great team footy during the quarter with the girls starting to implement the game plan and finally seeing the benefits of playing the way we want to.

The third quarter started with a quick goal to Melbourne and we were on the back foot from that point forward. However, the girls fought on and were very unlucky not to kick 3 or 4 ourselves. We had the majority of the play for large parts of the quarter which showed the girls that they really can play this great game.

Unfortunately we were down by 13 points at three quarter time and the coaches message to the tired girls was to attack at all costs. We weren’t going to win defending, so attack we did.

There were some very tired girls by the last quarter but they fought it out to the end, gaining not only the admiration of the hundreds of supporters at the game but also the opposition.

The final scores were 4.7.31 to 1.4.10. A fantastic effort which has given the girls the belief that they can play, and win!