2019 Round 3: Coaches Corner presented by Schiavello Construction

Apr 30, 2019

2019 Round 3: Coaches Corner presented by Schiavello Construction

Seniors report presented by Western Union Business Solutions

by Peter Schwab

We were competitive in the first half, but we were battling hard all day to get some clear possessions from our contested ball work. Physically the opposition was better than us, not through effort but in size and strength and a little smarter.

It was a frustrating day. We were too often forced into playing long down the line, which doesn’t suit us as a constant manner of moving the ball.
We battled hard in close and around stoppages but because of the pressure placed on us, we rarely enjoyed clean exits.

In the final quarter, we showed some dare and tried to take some short options forward of the ball or through the corridor which created some movement and opened up the game. In the final quarter, we were able to get some marks inside 50 by being patient, and waiting for forwards to lead and find some space, but whilst this was encouraging it was too late.

Not enough run from behind to create some line breaking, however a lot of ball movement can be set by coming out of defence by switching play, however the sheer volume of ball coming into that part of the ground had us under pressure and battling just to win and clear ball wide. A massive loss of 59-30 inside forward 50 entries hurt us.

We were competitive, but beaten in overall clearances in the second half by 7, but their key midfielder in Adam Bentick’s big body around the stoppages was a big factor.

Saturday was the first time we have had a poor return offensively, but 30 inside 50 for 14 scoring shots is not so bad. Arguably some entries were poor or shallow.

Our defensive match ups were as good as we could get and in reality, the defence did well to contain the score as well as they did when you consider the volume of entries.

We hope to get our captain back this week, but we will need to improve our overall ball movement against Old Xavs.

St BERNARDS 12.14.86 def DLS 4.10.34

RESERVES Report presented by Woodards Oakleigh & Bentleigh

by Nick Hyland

Round 3 saw us travel out to the Snake Pit to take on the undefeated St Bernard’s. Treated with terrific conditions and a perfect spacious ground, we were looking to build on our opening two wins and keep our momentum going. Our team looked completely different to our Round 2 team, with no less than 8 changes to the line-up.

St Bernard’s have been a fast-starting team in the early part of the season, so we knew we had to be on from the opening bounce and match their intensity. They had the better of the first half. They were first to the footy, won the contested ball and were beating us on the outside with spread and run. Luckily for us, they were inaccurate in front of goal, so their dominance didn’t translate to scoreboard pressure. We were able to hang tough and convert a couple of important goals toward the back end of the second quarter and take a 7-point lead into half time.

The boys were challenged at half time to play with spirit and show care for one another. Already two players down with minor concussion, we had real challenge on our hands. On top of that we lost Marchese early in the third, forcing us to play out the game with one rotation on the bench. The breeze had picked up in the third, and the opposition took full control of having the wind advantage. Again, luckily for us, they didn’t convert their chances, kicking 2.8 to our 1.1. At 3/4 time we found ourselves a goal behind and we looked completely out of legs.

We changed things us and swung and few positional changes to try and spark up. Colak was thrown in the ruck, and Fasoulis was played deep forward. Our final quarter was the best quarter of the year. Every single player contributed and gave their all. We managed to get on top around the ball and gain some dominance. Fasoulis was looking extremely damaging forward of the ball, while Melissinos’ pressure in the front half was excellent.

We were able to generate plenty of forward entries and we converted our chances. We slammed on 5 final quarter goals, while keeping the opposition to just 2. The back 6 were terrific and set the foundation for us in the last quarter, winning their one on ones and providing plenty of drive in the back half.

In the end, one quarter of good footy resulted in is coming away with a hard fought 11-point victory. We must learn to string 4 consistent quarters together if we want to be highly competitive in this competition.

We look forward to a huge task next week as we take on Old Xavs away.

Best: Fasoulis Colak Melissinos Pennell O’Callaghan Lindsey

DLS 10.6.66 def St BERARD’S 7.13.55

Thirds match report presented by Triple Play Sportswear

by Cam Watts

The thirds ventured out to Fitzroy for what is always a big day on our calendar. We had the best of Fitzroy thrown at us in the first quarter, but kicked a couple of goals in a row to open up a handy lead.

The second quarter was a highly-contested affair, with Fitzroy’s very own Tony Lockett impersonator kicking 3 goals to close the gap to just a couple of points’ difference at the main break.

The third quarter was all Fitzroy, we just couldn’t match their pressure across the ground and started to make mistakes, as the Lions took a three-goal lead into the last changes.

At the last change, it was pretty simple. We had to step up and own the game. Unfortunately, Fitzroy were just better in the last. Tom Defteros took home the Robert Breda medal for best afield.

Next week our young Warriors side takes on Monash at home as we look to get our season moving.

FITZROY 13.8.86 def DLS 8.11.59

U19 BLUE Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

by Gabe Deane-Johns

A terrific and gutsy win from the Blues in Round 3. We went in 2-0, as were Scotch who knocked us off comfortably in last year’s second semi-final.
We had a solid first quarter with the wind: competing well and hunting the ball effectively, to go into quarter time with a 20-point lead. The second term saw a couple of our midfielders revert to some selfish old habits (tending offensively at stoppages and losing structure) and we were soundly beaten at centre clearances, and stoppages in general, and headed into the main break only one point ahead.

The break wasn’t kind to us: from there we lost three players for the game (concussion/hamstring/corky) so we demanded a lift in work rate and discipline in the second half.

The team, as a whole, really lifted their intensity and accountability in the second half, undermanned, and facing quality opposition who work really hard forward with some genuine match winners.

We ran away with a courageous 21-point win to stay undefeated.

Work needed: stoppage structures, defensive transition work (accountability for opponent), how to better negate opposition’s loose players. An excellent show of character from the side.

Best players: A.Pinna, J. Squires, C. Roberts, T. Stanton, O. Ryan

DLS 13.8.86 def Old Scotch 10.5.65

U19 GOLD Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

A challenging day on the home deck saw the Golds scrap out a win. In the early going we dominated the vast majority of the game but struggled to put the score on the board. However, with some late goals we went into quarter time with a 29-point lead.

The second quarter saw us beaten pretty convincingly around the ball which allowed our opponents back into the game and within 4 goals at half time. We were wasting chances going forward and not defending with enough intent when the ball was going the other way.

Another dominant quarter followed in the 3rd where we kicked 3.5 unanswered, but it was another frustrating period in front of the goals. We were dominating the game without getting the rewards on the scoreboard.

The longer the game went, the more boys we lost to injury and we had a number of other boys searching for the bench at times in the last quarter. This meant that our 46-point, 3/4-time lead was cut in half by the time the final siren sounded.

Another challenge will present itself next week when we take on Oakleigh in the second game of another u19 triple header at Dairy Bell!

Best players: Grey, Horrigan, Webb, McCormack, Beeby, Buzza

DLS 9.17.71 def NORTH OLD BOYS 7.6.48

U19 Colts Match Report presented by Bendigo Bank East Malvern Community Bank Branch

by Stef Taranto

The Colts took on St. Kevins at home in our first triple-header of the season. We were hoping to continue our strong form from before the Easter break, while St. Kevins were hoping to respond after scoring a solitary point the previous week.

Our mids were dominant in the first quarter, resulting in the majority of the play being in our forward half. We took the most of our opportunities, scoring 7 goals while keeping them scoreless. It didn’t get any better for St. Kevins for the rest of the game, as we continued to roll over the, kicking 20 unanswered goals for the game.

In a game where the opposition isn’t very skilled, teams can often lose interest in the game or be arrogant. To our credit, we remained focused for the entirety of the contest. Our defenders worked together tirelessly to rebound St. Kevin’s forward entries, generating plenty of run and scoring opportunities. Our mids gave us first use of the footy and were willing to work defensively. Our forwards were just as willing to apply pressure as they were to kick goals.

Overall it was an astounding team effort, with 23 equal contributors playing their role.

DLS 20.18.138 def ST. KEVINS 0.4.4

De La Guns (16-35 Womens) Report, presented by Vic Mix Concrete

by John McDonough

We took on St Bernards as the opening match at the Snakepit ahead of the club’s Reserves and Seniors clashes. We trained well during the week with the main focus on ball movement and when and where to run.

It paid off as we hit the scoreboard early and had the ball inside 50 for the majority of the first quarter. The second was not so great as St Bernard’s moved some key players into the forward line and they had two quick goals on the board. Our inaccuracy in front of goal was also an issue as we kicked 1.4 for the quarter. The mood at half time was one of frustration as we had let St Bernard’s back into the game, and we led by just 10 points, 3.5.23 to 2.1.13.

The third was an arm wrestle with plenty of opportunities for both teams however the scoreboard attendant was not needed. At the last break, the girls knew they had to come out hard and play the game on our terms.

What a fantastic last quarter as we kicked 2 goals and got our first win for the season! A credit to the hard work and effort from each and every player.

Special mention to Mishani Karunatilake who played a great game at CHB and out-played St Bernard’s best player. Sarah Hobson and Bec Fietz bagged two goals each and the hard run from Rachel McDonough, Jen Males, Julie Oliver and Sophie Nash made sure we did not let go of the lead. The song was sung loud and proud.

Look out Albert Park the Guns are up and about.

DLS 5.8.38 def ST BERNARDS 3.2.20

DINO’S (DLS Over 35s) match report, presented by Malvern Auto Tech

by Peter Harrison

The Dino’s have jumped out to a 2-0 start after defeating Brunswick on an overcast Sunday afternoon at the weekend.

In a game that we led from start to finish, we were largely untroubled throughout the day, minus a short period just before the half time break when a few questionable umpiring decisions went against us.

On a day where there was a number of outstanding efforts the following was worth noting:

  • Paul Farmer: The smallest man on the team but possibly the biggest heart. He puts his body where others feared to go across all four quarters.
  • Paul Hesse: The man, the myth, the legend. The Hesse Express had career high in disposals and hasn’t had that level of influence on a game since he played for the Ashburton Redbacks in the under 15’
  • BC: Just a standard dominating effort.
  • Cossi: The league’s premier wingman who has self-named himself ‘the architect’ for all the offence he brings each week. The teams leading goal kicker, and he leads the league in goal assists. Wouldn’t be a stretch to say he’s the league’s best player.
  • Knighter: We are yet to find an opponent he cannot beat or a position he cannot play.
  • Chilli: When you kick 4 goals you have to get mentioned in a Dino’s report.
  • Pauly: Tried to impersonate BC with his level of domination.
  • Butts: Welcome back Butts, a ripping first up game despite his failed attempt to take the famed number 8 jersey.
  • Macca: Stewie Mac said I needed to mention you.

Overall another satisfying day at the office for the boys. There is no break for the Dino’s as we have our ‘home opener’ this Sunday 5 May at 2.45pm at Waverley Oval against Greenvale.

All fans and supporters of the Dino’s are encouraged to come along and cheer us on.

DLS 12.9. 81 def BRUNSWICK 5.6. 36

Cannons (Women’s Masters) Report, presented by Waverley BMW

by Pat O’Callaghan

The Cannons ventured out to Preston to take on the girls from Werribee with perfect footy conditions greeting us after the long drive.

The girls started really well with fierce endeavour in a hard-physical contest, showing that they are quickly learning how to play this great game: scoring one goal and having numerous other opportunities.

The second quarter started with the same ferocity at the contest, with bodies flying everywhere and lots of contested ball. Despite taking on some girls that made me look short, the girls didn’t flinch and persisted with the game plan. Our third term was a ripper, clawing our way back into the contest with great ball movement and fierce defending but leaving us just short at three quarter time.

The last quarter was a nail bitter and despite numerous opportunities and dominating play, we were unable to get into the lead and finally went down by just two points despite having many scoring shots – a fantastic effort and I have no doubt we will be saluting very soon.

WERRIBEE 5.0.30 def DLS 4.4.28