COACHING ANNOUNCEMENT: John McDonough named first ever De La Salle Women’s Team Coach

Nov 30, 2016

The club is excited to announce the appointment of John McDonough as the Senior Coach of our inaugural Women’s Team in 2017. ‘The Hoff’ will now add a new chapter to his recent history in local sport both at our club and others:

2000 – 08: Assistant Coach and Runner at Ashy Redbacks Junior Football Club
2009: Premiership Coach U17 Colts Ashy Redbacks
2010: U19 Old Collegians Coach
2011: De La Salle Forwards Coach
2012-13: De La Salle Midfield Coach
2014-15: De La Salle Reserves Coach
2016- : De La Salle Head of Football

John’s involvement in women’s sport is also significant, coaching girls basketball at Ashwood Wolves Basketball Club for 13 years, from 2000-13.

We look forward to John, Michelle Gotch and the rest of the off-field support team joining forces with our ever growing squad of girls as we look to make a significant impact on the first ever VAFA HQ Women’s competition.

If you or other girls you know would like to join the Blue and Gold in Season 2017, head to our website to register at