Round 17 Match Report


Not a lot that can be said about today as a disappointing loss snuffed out any hope of finals action. For a team who had to win to keep the season alive we were strangely lethargic in the first quarter. Despite kicking with the aid of a healthy breeze we gave up 5 goals to the hosts who playing much smarter football. Particularly galling was the manner in which we were so easily out marked all across the ground.

We worked harder into the wind in the second and had opportunities to perhaps to be even closer but taking into account the predicament at quarter time we were pleased to be within 10 points at the half.

Unfortunately a dominant third quarter around the ground was undone by poor conversion. A return of just 2.8.was frustrating as we squandered a host of gettable opportunities. Giving up 3 goals into the breeze really hurt and the situation looked grim at ¾ time.

Credit to the boys who fought hard right to the end. Six goals into the breeze showed a lot of character but some costly mistakes gave the momentum back to the home side just when it looked like we might get over the line. On a day when not a lot went right we were streaming forward when the siren went which showed OMs up by 4 points.

Our finishing killed us, evidenced by a score line of 6.16 at ¾ time. But no such problems for the home side whose ability to kick accurately, including five straight in the last, was the difference in the end. To have 6 more scoring shots and lose by less than kick really hurts. While the conditions were tricky we seemed to make the same mistakes over and over. We constantly kicked short to 50/50 contests and turned the ball over by hand and foot. We were punished for our mistakes with many of the opposition goals coming from turnovers in the back half.

Important to finish the season on a high and tip the win/loss ledger into the positive. We have a chance to do that next week against ‘B’ grade bound Old Carey.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Melburnians 5.2-32 6.6-42 9.9-63 14.9-93
De La Salle 3.3-21 4.8-32 6.16-52 12.17-89

Goal Kickers: X. Murphy 3, J. Williams 2, T. Nicholls 2, H. Nicholson 2, M. Fieldsend, D. Rayson, N. Roberts
Best Players: X. Murphy, M. Fieldsend, B. Close, J. Williams, T. Nicholls, T. Humphrey


After a horror six weeks it was great to finally be back on the winners list. We always looked well on top but struggled to master the blustery conditions. We found our mojo after halftime and looked particularly impressive in the last with a with an 8 goal to 2 quarter.

Probably should not have found ourselves in this position but with one round to go we find ourselves a game and a huge percentage from 4th place which might be a bridge too far. We play the bottom side next week and aim to finish the season in a positive fashion.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Melburnians 4.1-25 5.1-31 6.1-37 8.2-50
De La Salle 4.3-27 5.9-39 7.15-57 15.16-106

Goal Kickers: A. Kneebone 3, M. Moore 3, H. Haley 2, G. McDonough 2, D. Close 2, H. Curtis, S. Vawser, P. Monaghan
Best Players: D. Close, A. Kneebone, T. Parker, H. Haley, N. Hyland, H. Curtis


Grand Final next weekend.

19 Blues

Fifth placed De La Salle Blues took on University Blacks at home and finished with a solid but unspectacular 98 point win; a great chance to get some good scoring opportunities and try a few players in other positions. Mason Martinez excelled up forward as did Xavier Morgan out on the topside wing. The backline held up well in a pretty good team performance.

The season ends with some disappointment yet indicating bright prospects for the future with many boys still available next year and a solid crew ready to take on senior duties. Huge thanks to Matt O’Callaghan for his loyalty, enthusiasm and footy smarts. Thanks also to Lauren, our trainer, who regularly coped with so many injuries and cold nights. Nick Taylor, Andre Catrice, Livio Bisognin and some other parents were a great support.

Looking forward to watching the Golds and Colts march into the finals and hoping they can take the Club all the way. Well done and thanks to all 50 players who participated with the Blues. I sincerely hope the season was enjoyable with the great team spirit displayed and the wonderful leadership provided by Liam Bisognin. 2017 will be a great year !!!!

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
De La Salle 5.1-31 13.3-81 17.5-107 20.12-132
Uni Blacks 2.3-15 3.3-21 4.4-28 5.4-34

Goal Kickers: M. Martinez 6, A. Lvovskiy 4, D. Marchese 3, D. Krelle 2, X. Morgan 2, M. Lvovskiy, M. Colak, S. Michael
Best Players: L. Bisognin, H. Persson, X. Morgan, S. Michael, M. Martinez, A. Lvovskiy

19 Golds

After watching the Colts win handsomely in the early game, the Golds finished the home and away season with what in the end proved to be a fairly comprehensive win over Williamstown CYM’s who were good value and were probably better than the scoreboard indicated. In summary, the performance was workmanlike and it took quite a long time before the game and result was secured and there was the bonus of doing so without any injuries which is what all coaches look for.

The first half was a bit haphazard and we tended to play in fits and starts rather than with the required precision and consistency that would be preferred as teams build for finals. The slipshod nature of the first half was repaired after the break once the coach had given the players a well deserved spray about the need for being disciplined and retaining focus on greater goals.

When looking at the first half it could be argued that outside of Andy Cowan, Michael Lamoutzis, Ajay Nyanjok, Liam McCluskey and Nathan Monaco we had far too many players happy to sit back and watch rather than roll up their sleeves and get dirty for the sake of the team. That said we had plenty of opportunities to get the ball deep forward where Matt Saunders and Ajay were able to use their size and height to advantage so when we did go in we generally scored. Conversely, the worry was when it was going back out mids and half forwards weren’t working back hard to keep the ball in the front half and the defence was having to scramble to keep the visitors at bay.

The second half was characterised by a much improved defensive effort and it allowed us to put the squeeze on the visitors and force them into errors. Part of that was we placed one behind the ball and credit to Matt Simons who positioned himself well for when they looked up they were confronted with him blocking up the space as they tried to switch. In addition, there was a much better effort by the mids and we started to get some quick clearance which helped force the ball forward and gave our forwards more opportunities.

In summary many thanks to Blues coaches Mick Petrie and Matt O’Callaghan who have encouraged and helped develop all 3 teams and it was fitting that the Blues rounded off a good day for them by winning the last game for the season and also to Steve Ingram whose Colts will now take on Parkside in the 2nd semi.

Next week a new challenge where the Golds take on Beaumaris in the 1st semi and we look forward to that to see just how far we can go.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
De La Salle 2.1-13 6.4-40 13.5-83 16.8-104
Williamstown 1.4-10 2.6-18 6.11-47 7.11-53

Goal Kickers: A. Nyanjok 6, M. Saunders 4, P. Cook 2, C. Ghersi 2, L. McCluskey, J. Galbraith
Best Players: A. Nyanjok, P. Cook, M. Laoumtzis, A. Cowan, L. McCluskey, J. Wheatley

19 Colts

Our last game before finals and it was good to be back at home. We welcomed back Pat Hounihan after a long absence with injury and Ben Ahearn played his first game for the Colts.

Our opposition were limited with numbers and we didn’t deserve to be six goals up at quarter time as this was not a true indication of the game as both sides had the same number of inside 50s. It took a stunning individual effort by Trent with 5 first quarter goals to achieve the lead but we all fully understand finals will be pressure from the first bounce and we will need all 24 players contributing.

Despite the score at the end of the game, it was not always great footy, when we ran and shared the ball we hit the scoreboard but there was an attitude at times of waiting for others to do the hard work. Ben Ahearn was terrific with his run and drawing the opposition to give a handball to advantage, our backs were well led by Zac and Jakesy and were solid despite a couple of lapses of concentration in the last qtr. Ricky was back to some of his best run and carry and Trent finished with 8 majors and Nick 6.

Nick O’Sullivan missed being the competition’s leading goal kicker by a solitary major but his efforts to boot 57 goals in 15 odd games has been a remarkable achievement. It is difficult at times to play at high intensity and pressure the opposition in games like Saturday but we all must be fully prepared for four quarters of pressure footy this week.

A big thank-you to Mick Petrie and Matt O’Callaghan, who have both played significant roles in the development of all 3 of our u19 teams and special thanks to Mick from all the colts as he was the driving force responsible for putting the colts squad together.

We take on Parkside at their home ground in the 2nd semi this week and we are all looking forward to the challenge. I also encourage everyone to get to Elsternwick Park on Sunday and support Marty and the Gold’s boys in their first semi final.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
De La Salle 7.0-42 13.5-83 16.7-103 23.10-148
La Trobe Uni 0.6-6 1.7-13 1.9-15 4.10-34

Goal Kickers: T. Shannon 8, N. O”Sullivan 6, P. Hounihan 2, W. Taylor 2, B. Melissinos, C. Bird, Z. Grundmann, B. Ahearn, J. Epifanidis
Best Players: B. Ahearn, T. Shannon, R. Rando, M. Jakes, Z. Grundmann, P. Hounihan

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