AJ Mithen catches up with Senior Coach Paul Satterley

De La Salle may have scored their most important point of season 2017, to get over Uni Blacks by a solitary behind in round 14.
The win keeps the Dees in the top four but the road to the finals doesn’t get easier, with a desperate Old Trinity visiting Waverley Oval in a fight to keep their status as a Premier Division club.

Senior Coach Paul Satterley was full of praise for his side’s courageous win in trying conditions out at Melbourne University.
“It was one of those games where they threw everything at us,” Satterley said. “It was really combative and played in pretty horrible windy conditions. We copped three injuries on the day too so we were undermanned by the end, but when the game was there to be won we laid a season high 52 tackles in the last quarter.”

That monumental last quarter effort was indicative of how the Dees have scrapped and fought to stay in contention this year.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Satterley said. “We were able to withstand them as they just kept coming and coming. It was a massive effort from our lads, a really brave win.”

The last three rounds sees De La play two of the top three sides, making a win over Trinity this week a non-negotiable.

“They’ll be treating it like a grand final no doubt, the first of many for them,” Satterley said. “I think everyone thinks they can knock us off so we need to be ready like we have been all year – the games are all equally tough to win and this is another challenge for us.”

There’s some good news for De La this week, with two key players coming back into the squad to join the finals push. Satterley is looking forward to seeing them in the blue and gold.

“We get Jake Williams back this week, he’s missed a few weeks and is extremely important to our chances this year,” Satterley said. “Michael Chippendale from Collingwood is also another really important inclusion for us.”

“A couple of good players coming back into the fold is really important.”

De La Salle face Old Trinity at Waverley Oval this Saturday at 2pm.