Satt’s Chats – Round Two v St Kevins

Apr 21, 2017

De La head into their first home game of 2017 ready to go after some productive work around the Easter break.

Head Coach Paul Satterley says his side is looking forward to the challenge of St Kevins after the Dees showed some promising signs in their first round loss.

“They’re still quite buoyant after round one, they were all disappointed – particularly with the last quarter” Satterley said. “We just felt we let ourselves down at the end”.

“We’ve worked on a few things since then and at training, especially Tuesday night, their intent and endeavour was spot on – that’s good signs ahead of this week.”

There’s no doubt that the Skobber’s big name recruiting (on and off the field) is the talk of the VAFA. New Coach Shannon Grant has an array of former AFL talent at his disposal, but Satterley isn’t getting distracted by the hype.

“We’re well across the opposition and we’ll get the match ups right where we can. We’ve gotta make sure at the start of the year that we focus on our boys and getting the most out of everyone.”

“I’ve learnt that regardless of who you’ve got in the team, unless you come to play it doesn’t mean a hell of a lot and all the signs from our boys on the track have been really positive.”

Amateur footy lends itself to a lot of preseason list turnover and 2017 has been no exception for the Dees. Satterley is enthusiastic about the opportunities that change brings.

“There’s been a changing of the guard,” he says. “We’re absolutely trying to win a premiership, but at the same time on the way to doing that we’re trying to develop young guys, to give new players an opportunity, to give players who do well in the reserves a chance… we’re trying to cover off a million things but ultimately we want to get the best 22 out on the park each week.

To help Satterley with that, over the summer the club refreshed its coaching setup.

“I’ve got three new assistant coaches – to me, that’s as exciting as getting new players into the club.”

“I made a point from the day they walked in not to push my thoughts and opinions about players onto them, I’ve really tried to just let them make up their own minds on what they see – strengths, positions, all of that.”

“I feel like it has freshened up the club a hell of a lot, we’ve got new coaches, different voices, new players coming in. It’s been a real positive for the footy club, now it’s just a matter of getting them all to play well together and hopefully that develops into wins.”

De La Salle take to the field against St Kevins at 2pm this Saturday 22 April.