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Match Report

On the big Beaumaris ground, with a wind that was gale force at times, the game was a tough contest with DLS kicking to the end most favoured by the cross wind. Indeed, it was 16 minutes, before we registered our 1st score, a goal from backman turned forward Nathan Scollo who took a strong contested mark at CHF. This was the result of a brilliant run around the boundary by Matt Hill whose then kick was perfect for Scollo.Another long period on contested footy ensued with Beaumaris squandering 3 gettable opportunities.

Against the run of play Josh Cumberlidge goaled from a packed scrum in the forward pocket at the 25 minute mark.. Indovino, contesting strongly was freed, 20 meters out, for a high tackle but his resultant kick went wide! Play was mainly on our totally congested forward line. Liam Wood emerged from this pack with a free from which he goaled at the 27 minute mark. The quarter ended with DLS leading 3.0-18 to Beaumaris 0.3-3.

Beaumaris were quick to score at the 1.40 minute mark. The  DLS defence was under constant pressure & holding up well with Will Mckinnon & Nathan Scollo, prominent. Liam Wood was outstanding in his containment of 1 of Beaumaris’ guns, while also doing his bit in the inside work. Beaumaris added 3 behinds, as they bombed from long range, kicking to the scoring, grandstand end. Liam Murphy emerged from a pack in the forward pocket to snap our only score at the 20 minute mark. Leading by 15 points & with the defence holding firm, DLS looked in control. However, a bad handpass followed by 2 broken tackles let Beaumaris in, as they goaled at the 26 minute mark. Reducing the DLS lead to 5 points at the half way mark.

Beaumaris, doing well in the centre clearances, despite Sean Fisher’s pressure, provided their forwards with many “one on one” opportunities. A strong contested pack mark in their goal square, evened the score line early in the quarter! A scoreless period of 18 minutes ensued before Adrian Indovino, goaled following a strong tackle free kick. Liam Wood, cleverly manoeuvring to the front was freed in a marking contest at CHF. His subsequent goal restored some control for DLS. The game was still “up for grabs” as Beaumaris missed several promising opportunities to goal against the wind. A very strong Indovino tackle resulted in a perfect disposal to Nathan Scollo, who marked & converted at the 27 minute mark.

DLS had a 20 point margin going into the final quarter. Kicking against the wind made the result uncertain, even in this low scoring encounter. An early goal to Jake Williams following a pass from Liam Wood, gave supporters confidence with the game situation. However, relatively quick goals to Beaumaris at the 4 & 12 minute marks, had a positive impact on their confidence and play. It was an intense affair. Young Tom Filipovic & Tom Docherty seemed to revel in this situation. A Beaumaris kick off the ground from a goal square scrum at the 19 minute mark was followed by another goal at the 26 minute mark, which reduced the margin to 3 points! Both teams added behinds, with Sam W missing a seemingly easy snap, as the game continued at a frenetic pace, in the tough conditions!

A strong surge of players, in a rolling rugby type scrum, moved the ball to the top of the DLS goal square. From there, someone shot out a hand passto Sam Williams, who snapped truly this time, to seal the DLS win at the 32 minute mark by 9 points.Well played both teams. Game played in good spirit despite the intensity! For those asking about the absence of Lachie Gawel, he is overseas, back for rnd 14.

Best: Will McKinnon, Will Mackie, Nathan Scollo, Sean Fisher, Tom Filipovic, Liam Murphy
Goals: Scollo 2, Liam Wood 2, Josh Cumberlidge, Murphy, Jake Williams, Sam Williams


Date Time Division Season Round
June 17, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 9


Banksia Reserve
Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris