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Match Report

In perfect playing conditions, we failed again to come to terms with the situation at Williamstown oval. Missing key players from last games’ team, in Adrian Indovino, (hand injury at least 2 more games), Liam Wood (Knee maybe season), Christian Algeri (Ill) and Jack Gava, our team were just overwhelmed by a hard running, well organised, fierce tackling opposition.

Started well with Sean Fisher giving Jake Williams 1st use resulting, in a relayed free kick for Jake, landing with Trent Shannon running into an open goal at the 3 minute mark. We goaled again at the 6 minute mark following a strong contested mark at CHF probably by Nathan Scollo.

Williamstown (W from now onwards), took total control, attacking constantly, eventually goaling at the 13 & 18 minute mark.We gained some control near the end of the quarter when Finn Sullivan, in his 1st senior game in a long time marked & converted a long shot at the 26 minute mark.

With DLS up by 7 points (3.4:22 : W 2.3:15) W dominated play as we continued to miss targets by foot. W goaled at the 1,5,8 & 12 minute mark of Qtr 2! DLS eventually moved forward only for Liam Murphy after a superb mark, kicked the shot out on the full!  DLS regained some control late in the quarter with Sean Fisher marking in goal square to goal at the 24 minute mark. Sam Williams marked 45 meters out as siren sounded and he calmly converted at the 29 minute mark.

The 2nd half saw W in complete domination, with DLS continuing to make costly turn overs. W added 4 goals to DLS 2 in Qtr 3 and the negative result loomed. Nick Hyland was positive as usual at ¾ time & seemed to have immediate impact as the instruction to play on, through the middle resulted in Nathan Scollo goaling at the 4 minute mark, However this was offset soon after, when a 50 meter penalty against Liam Murphy for disputing the umpire decision, resulted in a W goal at the 6 minute mark of Qtr 4. Liam had been contesting strongly all day & had been on the receiving end of some fierce W tackles!

Goals to Trent Shannon (his 2nd in a good return) & Hamish Curtis (I think) were offset by an avalanche of 5 unanswered  W goals! Nathan Scollo marked in the FP and played on to kick his 3rd at the 29 minute mark. It was a fine display by Nathan, either up forward or down back.

We must quickly regroup for a critical game against Old Geelong at Como park next Saturday.

Best: Nathan Scollo, Hamish Curtis, Tom Filipovic, Seb Filipovic, Jake Williams, Sam Williams.
Goals: Scollo 3, Trent Shannon2, Curtis, Murphy, S Williams, Sean Fisher, Finn Sullivan,


Date Time Division Season Round
July 22, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 13


Fearon Reserve
Osborne Street, Williamstown