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Match Report

In near perfect conditions, the game with critical implications for finals placement, started with DLS totally dominant. Runners Clinch, Algeri & Hill were prominent, while quick movement enabled Nathan Scollo to compete one out & his contested marking was outstanding. DLS had 4 shots from easy range, before eventually Scollo goaled at the 9 minute mark. Seb Filipovic was at his tackling best & a free 20 meters out gave DLS its 2nd goal at the 12 minute mark. A drooped chest mark in the back pocket allowed Beaumaris in for their 1st at the 15 minute mark.

A relayed free to Scollo, some 40 meters out, directly in front, gave DLS its 3rd goal at the 17 minute mark. DLS was getting little scoreboard impact, relative to its play dominance, despite the hard tackling of Beaumaris, which got their 2nd courtesy of an unlucky bad bounce for DLS at the 18 minute mark.

DLS continued to dominate possession, but another 4 behinds did not do justice to their superior, fast running play. 3.8 for the quarter to 2.4 resulted in a 10 point margin at ¼ time.

The 2nd quarter was typified by mistakes, occasioned by the relentless tackling pressure of both teams, but more astutely applied by Beaumaris’ players who were obviously instructed to confront DLS players aggressively. Don’t give them space was the message and it worked. A free amongst a pack of players resulted in Beaumaris goaling at the 7 minute mark. A game highlight came when the DLS defensive kick got to Christian Algeri, near the HBF/Wing on the pavilion side. 5 bounces later, he goaled on the run, from about 30 meters out in a sensational effort! This was however to be DLS’s only goal for the quarter!

Clinch to Shannon to Russell for a mark at CHF was promising, but only a behind resulted. Beaumaris goaled from a DLS blunder in providing a free deep in the BP for an “out on the full” clearing kick attempt at the 27 minute mark. DLS had a slender 4 point margin at ½ time 4.11-35 : 4.7-31 evidencing the atrocious inaccuracy of both teams In near perfect playing conditions.

In sharp contrast to that of the 1st qtr, DLS delivery to the forwards was short, predictable & easily picked off by the high marking Beaumaris defence. Beaumaris were on top & threating to run away with the game. It was only the superb play by the defensive unit, featuring the return from long term injury by Nick Curwood, ably backed up by Steve Karvallas.

Scollo, again asserting his arial skills took a strong contested mark & this time converted from 45 meters out at the 11 minute mark . DLS started to reassert control with some of its earlier run returning & a quick movement by Clinch to Bedford resulted in a goal some 2 minutes later. Although Beaumaris had lifted its intensity, DLS appeared to have withstood the pressure. But a kick out of a scramble of players in their FP, gave them their only goal for the quarter at the 16 minute mark. Play went between defences with both under severe pressure deep in their respective zones.

Somehow, Scollo, doing a fine Trent Shannon impression, goaled from out of a milling pack at the 24 minute mark. Sean Fisher took a strong contested mark around CHF, but his kick, which could have ben the sealer went astray.

Starting the final qtr with a 19 point margin (7.12-54 : 5.9-35), DLS defended stoutly, with the strong pack presence of Liam Murphy & the returning Lachie Gawel providing support. Beaumaris were still contesting fiercely, but the impact was diminished by a string of 4 misses from very favourable positions.

When they eventually goaled at the 13 minute mark, the margin had reduced to 9 points. DLS looked very vulnerable, unable to get possession. A miss by both teams ensured the supporter tension was extreme with some 15 minutes of play remaining!

DLS defenders could not contain the high marking Beaumaris forwards.

10 minutes of virtually scoreless high intensity play ensued, before ”out of the pack snap specialist Trent Shannon”, goaled from the HFF at the 23 minute mark. When he repeated the effort, from almost the same situation at the 24 minute mark, DLS had secured a well deserved victory.

Beaumaris, who goaled at the 26 minute mark & continued to attack feverishly, reduced the final margin to 10 points.

A gallant effort by both teams’ players!

Best: Steve Karvellas, Nick Curwood, Nathan Scollo, Ed Clinch, Matt Hill, Christian Algeri.
Goals: Scollo 4, Trent Shannon 2, Campbell Bedford, Seb Filipovic, Algeri.


Date Time Division Season Round
August 5, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 15


Waverley Oval
Waverley Oval, 425 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145