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Match Report

DLS started smartly, controlling possession, but unable to score. Behinds were kicked from play which demanded better! Somehow, out of a pack near the HFF, Christian Algeri goaled with a fine snap at the 8 minute mark. Then the heavy rain came! With the conditions making clean gathers almost impossible, the strength of Lachy Gawel and the superior skills of Christian Algeri were potent weapons for DLS.

The quarter time scores of DLS 1.2:8 to OT 0.1:1, accurately reflected the state of play.

Intermittent heavy rain continued as OT lifted their intensity. Sean Fisher was rucking well & was contributing positively around the ground as the game continued to be one of ball ups & boundary throw ins.

Although hard to see accurately, it was Campbell Bedford, I think who squared the ball perfectly to Sam Williams at CHF who marked strongly and converted from about 40 meters out directly in front at the 16 minute mark. A string of 3 behinds mirrored the 1st quarter situation. DLS could have sealed this game even at this early stage had they taken their quite gettable scoring chances around goal! Loosing Liam Murphy due to a knock to his forehead which trainers could not stop bleeding, was a sever blow. His strength in these conditions had been invaluable!

The half time scoreline 2.5:17 to OT 0.2:2 did not reflect the play accurately as OT, through mishandling of the ball at crucial moments spoiled the scoring chances. The efforts of Luke Healy, Joe Lloyd, Sean Fisher & the Filipovics served DLS well, along with the whole team generally!

With steady rain falling, the contest was again one of ball ups & boundary throw ins with OT threating but well contained by the DLS defence where again Luke Healy was superb, running good distance to get to contests & effecting timely spoils. With OT getting ready to shoot on goal, some 45 meters out on their HFF, there was a scrimmage in the goal square with an OT player slung to the ground. The resultant free gave OT their 1st match goal at the 22 minute mark. Luke Lloyd almost provided a mark of the year contender, with a spectacular leap, but just failed to control the ball on his way down!

A timely goal, from a goal square scrimmage, by newly returned Josh Cumberlidge, gave DLS some relief with the 3/4 time scoreline being: DLS 3.6:24 to OT 1.2:8

The final quarter proceeded in the same fashion. DLS were in control, but never seemed comfortable in such a low scoring contest. Several promising OT attacks were foiled again by the fine judgement of the group defence. Imperceptively at first OT, increased their intensity and had DLS defending continually. DLS, when they did go forward, missed the opportunity to secure the game. 2 behinds & an out of the full were underwhelming outcomes, given the low scoring nature of the game. Good contesting by Ed Clinch exited the ball to the running Algeri on the pavilion wing, whose accurate disposal found Trent Shannon, whose goal at the 15 minute mark eased the tension somewhat!

7 minutes of intense scrum to scrum footy ensued as OT desperately tried to get that goal that would lift confidence with plenty of match time remaining! At the 22 minute mark, a goal square scrimmage, involving Luke Lloyd & others, enabled Josh Cumberlidge to grub through his 2nd and seal the game for DLS. OT, from a strong contested mark, converted at the 24 minute mark to add some reward for their untiring efforts.

The win, by 23 points puts DLS in 3rd position with a crucial game against now 4th placed St Bedes Mentone on Saturday week, at home. They beat 2nd placed Fitzroy by 8 points  at Brindisi oval yesterday.

Best: Lachy Gawel, Sean Fisher, Joe Lloyd, Sam Williams, Luke Healy, Nick Curwood
Goals: Josh Cumberlidge 2, Christian Algeri, Trent Shannon, Williams


Date Time Division Season Round
August 12, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 16


Daley Oval
Daley Oval, Trinity Playing Fields, Bulleen Rd, Bulleen