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Match Report

Sam (300 club games) Williams was in everything early, but his 2 set shorts just fell short for rushed behinds. DLS seemed overwhelmed by the importance of the occasion, and consequently did not make the most of numerous opportunities. A place in the finals was at stake. OGG, 5th & close on % terms, were expected to win by a substantial margin. Making a win imperative!

On the other hand, Fitzroy always looked like scoring, adding goals at the 3 & 11 minute marks. Misses to Russell, Scollo & Indi (terribly from close in) caused much anxiety in the DLS camp. The behind malaise was broken when Indi, freed for a Fitzroy back running too far at kick off, goaled from about 40 meters out at the 28 minute mark. A melee ensued at the quarter break which saw DLS trailing by 3 points 1.4:10 Fitzroy 2.1:13

The 2nd quarter started brilliantly, with a superb ruck clearance by Pat Bohan, landing the ball forward for Nathan Scollo to snap truly, after just 20 seconds. DLS was dominant but could not convert accurately. Pat Russell was controversially freed in a pack marking contest & got DLS’s 3rd at the 7 minute mark. Fitzroy responded with a goal at the 9 minute mark against the general run of play. Goals to Trent Shannon, again from a centre clearance & Nathan Scollo, at the 10 & 18 minute marks respectively, reflected DLS’s dominance. Fitzroy countered, asserting control around the contests, resulting in them goaling at the 24 minute mark. I am not aware of the 50 meter entries, but Fitzroy’s conversion rate, from those entries, was in stark contrast to ours!

It had been a good quarter for DLS, adding 4.7 to 2.0. Clearly it should have been much better, had players looked for their team mates, who were in much superior scoring positions!

The 3rd term was extremely intense. Fitzroy were now throwing all they had into the contest. DLS did not do its cause any favours, adding 5 behinds until Jake Williams, aided by a classy hand pass, goaled (yes,  goaled) at the 24 minute mark! A good display of direct play down the centre of the ground, landed the ball with Trent Shannon, who marked & goaled from close range. Just as supporters began to relax slightly, Fitzroy replied immediately!

DLS still held a healthy lead of 26 points after adding 2.5 to 1.1 for the term.

Memories of our 4th term fade out last week were present in supporter’s minds at the start of the final term! These were finally dispelled when Nathan Scollo goaled twice, one from long distance, at the 1 & 5 minute marks respectively. DLS was in total control! Goals flowed at the 7,12 & 14 minute marks. Fitzroy, fearing the almost impossible 15 goal loosing margin for DLS to gain 2nd position, increased their intensity goaling at the 17 & 25 minute marks. A fine pass from Indi (#58 after his famous #27 had to be retired after the qtr 1 melee), to Jake Williams, whose educated goal, rounded out a superb performance by DLS which finished equal 2nd on points to Fitzroy but about 10% behind.

We now look forward to the 1st Semi Final Vs Beaumaris next week!

Good time now to acknowledge the great contributions of John Mitchell (Timekeeper) & Ray Bedford (Team Manager)! Thank you both.

 Best: Sam Williams, Joe Lloyd, Pat Bohan, Jake Williams, Liam Murphy, Luke Healy
Goals: Nathan Scollo 4, J Williams 3, Trent Shannon 2, Pat Russell 2, Adrian Indovino, Christian Algeri.


Date Time Division Season Round
September 2, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 18


Brunswick St Oval
Brunswick St Oval, Fitzroy North