De La Salle1511101
Old Trinity168104

Match Report

Qtr 1

An amazing game, played in ideal conditions on our East Malvern oval, with a slight breeze favouring the Chadstone end.

Game opened at a fast pace, as you would expect, from teams occupying the top 2 ladder positions. Pat Bohan, to a leading Adrian Indovino got DLS’s 1st at the 2 minute mark. OT responded at the 4 minute mark with a clever snap out of a big pack in the forward pocket. Sean Fisher took 3 contested defensive marks, before a hard running trio of DLS players landed the ball with Nathan Scollo, who dribbled a goal from the forward pocket at the 5 minute mark.

With play flowing quickly, end to end, OT goaled from a free at the 8 minute mark. Shots from Tom Lyngberg & Indovino, either fell short or missed as DLS failed to capitalise on their forward entries . Sean Fisher, attempting a change of direction out of defense, scored a behind for OT to level the scores! A 50 meter penalty, an alarming portent of what was to occur later, saw OT take the lead at the 18 minute mark. A great snap by Algeri was touched on the line. Fast play down the centre landed the ball close to goal at CHF, where Indovino was freed in a marking contest. His 2nd  gave DLS a slender lead at quarter time.

DLS 3.3=21 OT 3.2=20

Qtr 2

OT opened strongly, snapping a goal 4 minutes in to take the lead. DLS were without Fraser Cameron, who had been strong at the centre bounces, with a cut to the face, the bleeding from which could not be stemmed. Indovino, contesting strongly, got the ball to a marking contest close to gaol, from which Scollo was freed & goaled.

From this point on, OT took control! But for the fine defensive work of Ryan O’Meara, Tom Docherty, Will McKinnon & the defensive unit in total, the game would have been all over by half time! OT kicked the 5 goals in the next 13 minutes to generate a handy lead of 29 points. Against the flow of play, DLS managed to exert strong influence on the game. Scollo, playing a defensive role, kicked a long torp to CHF, where Indi marked & converted for his 3rd goal to reduce OT’s half time lead to 22 points.

DLS 5.6=36 OT 9.4=58

Qtr 3

DLS started well but kicking into forward line was poor, epitomised by hurried snaps, when there were other forwards in better positions. The game had tightened, but OT still looked to be in control, goaling at the 12th & 17th minute mark and establishing a lead of 35 points. A fine contested mark by Pat Bohan, landed the ball to the forward pocket, from which Scollo goaled, after a free in that marking contest.

OT scored 2 more goals in the next 10 minutes of fiercely contested footy, before a clever intercept by Hugh Nicholson near the centre, gave him a free run into the open goal, at the 28 minute mark to reduce the margin to 33 points.

DLS 7.9=51 OT 13.6=84

Qtr 4:

Goals to Seb Filipovic & OT at the 3 & 4 minute marks respectively, was the start of a thrilling quarter of footy, which was to last 32 minutes. 6 goals by DLS in the next 8 minutes saw them, inexplicably take the lead by 3 points at the 12 minute mark. I this period, goals were kicked by Trent Shannon, Indovino, S Filipovic, Algeri & Indovino again, this time from an incredible snap shot. It was mayhem on the DLS forward / OT defensive line!.

OT to their credit asserted themselves into the contest, to be rewarded with a snapped goal at the 16 minute mark, which restored their 3 point lead! That the ball was even in the vicinity of the OT gaol was the consequence of an absolutely stupid 50 meter penalty by DLS!

8 minutes of fiercely contested footy ensued. A fine example of Ammo footy! Hugh Nicholson delivered perfectly to Pat  Russell deep in the forward pocket. Although on a tight angle, his goal swung the 3 point lead back to DLS.

6 further minutes of play of high intensity ensued, before a series of free kicks, advanced the ball from being a tightly held position, 70 meters out from the OT goal, to the goal square, where another free kick (deserved) gave OT the lead by 4 points at the 30 minute mark!

Players of both teams struggled for a clean possession. Each contest was fierce! Trent Shannon was awarded a free for a high tackle, about 40 meters out on the boundary on the station side of the city end goal.

Siren sounds at the 32 minute mark. Shannon’s kick goes close but just a behind results!

DLS 15.11=101 OT 16.8=104

A truly amazing quarter whereby by 11 goals were kicked compared with 20 for the rest of the game!


Date Time Division Season Round
April 27, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 3


Waverley Oval
Waverley Oval, 425 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145