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Match Report

Qtr1: Ground condition & little wind, made conditions perfect for footy. A contrast for this usually blustery location. DLS made a strong start, but found the W’town CYMS defence effective. Christian Algeri’s fine pass to Nathan Scollo in the FP looked promising but not rewarding. CYMS goaled, from their 1st entry to the forward zone, from a free at the 4 minute mark. Seb Filipovic was in everything, but caused dismay when he missed from the goal square!
He made amends shortly thereafter when upon intercepting, passed to Scollo who goaled at the 9 minute mark.

A strong tackle by Liam Wood was rewarded with a free, from which he goaled, at the 11 minute mark.
Although the game was free flowing, it was spoilt by numerous, non pressured mistakes, and costly misses in scoring attempts by both teams, given the perfect conditions.
CYMS goaled, from a near goal scrum, to reduce the DLS lead to 2 points. Misses by Pat Bohan, Sean Fisher & Trent Shannon twice, rounded out an uninspiring 1st term.
DLS 2.6=18 W’town CYMS 2.4=16.

Qtr2: DLS started well with Scollo, marking courageously while running with flight of the ball. He converted at the 1 minute mark. CYMS made many entries but only behinds resulted. In contrast DLS entries resulted in goals to Scollo, fine pass from Shannon, & Hugh Nicholson, a fine 1:1 running dual, at the 9 & 18 minute marks respectively. CYMS were on top in general play but could not score majors. They scored 0.6 for that quarter, providing DLS with a 17 point buffer at half time.
DLS 5.9=39 W’town CYMS 2.10=22

Qtr3: CYMS, controlling the centre clearances, goaled at the 1 & 3 minute marks respectively, through strong marking a quick ball movement. The DLS defence struggled gamely against a constant series of forward entries. Good footy, with Algeri to Fraser Cameron to a leading Tom Stanton, went unrewarded. A misdirected kick across the centre was intercepted and the ensuing goal put CYMS in front for the 1st time since early in Qtr1.

From that point DLS switched on with Wood, Stanton, Algeri, Campbell Bedford & Fisher all prominent. DLS added the 6 goals in 9 minutes of outstanding, running football. Goals came from Algeri (15m), Bedford (18m), Nicholson (19m), Scollo (22m), Scollo (24m), Algeri (29) as CYMS were left floundering with the speed of the DLS running & ball movement. The input of Sean Fisher at centre bounces was having a significant impact, allowing Algeri, Mackie, Nicholson easier access to the ball. DLS built a substantial lead of 38 points going into the final quarter.
DLS 11.14=80 W’town CYMS 5.12=42

Qtr4: 1 minute 30 in, Scollo, from a goal square scrum kicked a truly unbelievable goal? Much to the bewilderment & dismay of CYMS players, supporters & embarrassed delight of DLS!! Indovino, who had been very closely guarded all match, goaled with a kick off the ground at the 6 minute mark & again at the 7 minute mark with a fine running shot. Scollo kicked a dribbler just to complete his range of tricks, at the 10 minute mark.
CYMS were still competitive in general play & goaled at the 21 minute mark. Just to put finishing touches on a fine win, Algeri burst through the centre and kicked long to Matt Hill who kicked DLS’s 16th goal at the 24 minute mark.
A 5 goal to 2 final quarter was an outstanding result at a ground where DLS has struggled previously.

Although the goal scorers are given much of the coverage, our defensive unit are to be applauded for their whole match performance, under unrelenting pressure of CYMS, who despite the scoreboard, tried right to end!


Date Time Division Season Round
May 4, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 4


Fearon Reserve
Osborne Street, Williamstown