Old Ivanhoe2820
De La Salle101474

Match Report

Best: Christian Algeri, Tom Docherty, Tom Stanton, Seb Filipovic, Ryan O’Meara, Will Mackie.
Goals: Algeri 3, Trent Shannon, Bedford, Tom Deane-Johns, Pat Russell, Nathan Scollo, Adrian Indovino, Mackie.

After a tense first quarter & a half, DLS dominated the game, with rapid exchanges of handball & running.
Defeating, the 1 game clear top side Old Ivanhoe, on their home deck, was an outstanding result! Certainly, Ol must have had some of their better players missing! But at the same time DLS are missing Sean Fisher (1 before return), Hugh Nicholson (1), Jake Williams (4), Will McKinnon (6?)

Qtr 1: Intense pressure around every contest made for an extremely interesting but low scoring opportunity quarter. Defences of both teams had their respective tasks, made easier by the pressure applied on disposals, into the forward zones. Luke Healy’s fine contested marking stood out in an otherwise unspectacular 1st quarter, although both sides sprayed kicks on goal. DLS missed several golden opportunities with 2 missing completely for OOF free kicks!
DLS 0.2=2 Old Ivanhoe 0.3=3

Qtr 2: Started in similar fashion to Qtr 1! This was supported by the amazing fact that the match’s 1st goal was scored at the 13.29 minute mark. Christian Algeri passed a well weighted ball to Trent Shannon who converted from 20 meters out, directly in front to give DLS the lead by 3 points.

The game continued in the same fiercely contested manner until at the 22 minute mark, Ol registered their 1st major from a strong mark close to gaol. A difficult miss by Campbell Bedford from the pocket, was quickly overcome when very smart, sharp play involving Stanton & Cameron resulted in Adrian Indovino marking at CHF, as DLS increased its lead to 6 points. Stanton, who was rucking competitively against a giant Ol ruck, passed neatly to Russell at HFF, but his shot went astray. In this closely fought game, many DLS supporters were beginning to worry that missed opportunities would prove decisive.

Still, a 2.5 to 1.3 quarter, for a 7 point lead, in a low scoring game, was a sound outcome for the quarter.
DLS 2.7=19 Old Ivanhoe 1.6=12

Qtr 3: DLS established control with its fast transition, running game in full flow now! Scoring, however was proving just as difficult as previously! Scollo, who was being well held, marked some 50 meters out deep on the HFF. A 50 meter penalty was awarded to him, from which he goaled from the goal line & the DLS lead got to 13 points. DLS was dominant! The ball rarely left its scoring end! The run down tackles became a feature, with the likes of Docherty, Day, Filipovic (probably both) & Gawel prominent!

Worryingly, despite its dominance, DLS could not impact the scoreboard, meaningfully! At the 22 minute mark Christian Algeri, who was in everything, intercepted at hand pass & kicked a rolling ball which evaded all, to roll across the goal line for DLS’s 4th goal & extend its lead to 21 points. A free to Pat Russell (I think?) in the goal square & resultant goal pushed DLS’s lead to a match winning position of 27 points. A chain of handpasses between about 4 players, landed the ball with Indovino, who inexplicably missed from close in!
At the 28 minute mark, Campbell Bedford who had been prominent around the goal face, marked on a tight angle in the right FP. But he converted superbly to give DLS a match defining 34 point lead at ¾ time. Ol had been kept scoreless! A perfect outcome for the defensive unit, playing with good cohesion & positive, running clearances!
DLS 6.10=46 Old Ivanhoe 1.6=12

Qtr 4: Will Mackie & Trent Shannon combining with Tom Stanton controlled the centre square. Tom Deane-Johns, marking superbly, forward of CHB, ran through the centre & launched a long bomb goal at the 6 minute mark, extending the lead to 44 points. Lachie Gawel superbly incepted an Ol clearance & passed, a grass burning kick, to a fast leading Fraser Cameron, but, although he dived to mark well, he failed to top off a superb piece of footy with the maximum outcome! At the 10 minute mark, Ol scored their 2d goal, their 1st coming at the 22 minute mark of Qtr 2!

DLS runners were in everything. Run down tackles increased Ol players’ poor ball disposals rate! Algeri was in everything! Whether linking up in a handpass chain or snapping DLS’s 8th gaol at the 17 minute mark, he was outstanding. Not content with previous snap, Algeri, at the 25 minute mark snapped a blinder from near on the boundary some 15 meters out. Almost the impossible angle!

Will Mackie, whose presence had been sorely missed last game, got into the goal kicking action, running to CHF to score DLS’s 10* major & give DLS a victory by 54 points. Recording 55 points to 8 in the 2d half was an outstanding achievement! Well done boys!

Astoundingly, there are now 6 teams on 16 points on the ladder with % ranging from Old Haileybury 145.7 (top) DLS 133.2 (2d) to Caulfield Grammer 6th with 98.0%.
Shows how important it is that DLS makes the most of its opportunities!

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Date Time Division Season Round
May 18, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 6


Chelsworth Park
Chelsworth Park, Irvine Road, Ivanhoe