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Match Report

Qtr1: Despite total domination, it was 15 minutes before DLS recorded their 1st goal. Campbell Bedford, wearing the famous #17 for the 1st time following a Thursday night presentation by Sam Williams, was in everything early. Several misses and other botched opportunities meant DLS got little reward for effort / domination. At the 15 minute mark, Fraser Cameron goaled from the forward pocket . An efficient passage of play saw the ball with Tom Stanton on a fast-leading mark. His goal put the margin out to 17 points at the 22 minute mark.

OC made their 2nd forward entry & goaled after being awarded a 50 meter penalty at the 24 minute mark.

DLS 2.5=17 OC 1.1=7

Qtr2:  With play deep in DLS defensive area, a free was awarded to DLS, followed by a 50 meter penalty. The OC offending player stayed on the mark & when DLS players pushed him, the 50 meter penalty was reversed, resulting in OC’s 2nd goal at the 5 minute mark! OC were now in charge with their big ruck aiding in the domination of centre & pack clearances. At the 8 minute mark Bedford’s clever & strong play got the ball to Cameron & then to Nathan Scollo for DLS’s 3rd & the margin back out to 9 points.

DLS defence was under persistent pressure & was standing up well due to the strong contested marking of Tom Deane-Johns, Ryan O’Meara & Luke Healy, ably assisted by the run of Tom Docherty.

With OC goaling at the 11,12 & 16 minute marks, the latter from a good contested pack mark. DLS’s undisciplined play saw OC goaling from free kicks!

DLS had surrendered control around the packs & OC looked invincible, goaling at the 23 minute mark through a brilliant passage of play on footy.

Tom Stanton’s good lead & mark, from which he goaled from CHF, restored some balance at the 27 minute mark, reducing the margin to 15 points. A 50 meter penalty to DLS brought Bedford to 40 meters from goal, directly in front. That goal reduced the margin to 5 points. Remarkably, had 1st gamer, Etahn Bowden recorded a major from the free kick & subsequent 50 meter penalty, DLS would have lead at half time!

DLS 5.6=36 OC 6.4=40

Qtr3: The 2nd half opened at a frenetic pace with OC ascendant! A deservedly & stupid DLS 50 meter penalty & a great chain of passes saw OC goal at the 2nd & 3rd minute marks and the margin blow out to 16. DLS managed to restore some competitiveness, with an excellent pass finding Christian Algeri 40 meters out. The resultant goal was a minor break from what was to come!

Another 2, yes 2, 50 meter penalties against DLS saw OC goal at the 14 & 20 minute marks respectively! Margin out to 22. A fine piece of footy by Cameron landed the ball with Scollo whose goal set the margin at ¾ time to 16 points in OC’s favour.

Such was the dominance of OC during the quarter that it was a good portent for DLS that it gained some semblance of control in the final stage of the quarter!

DLS 7.8=50 OC 10.6=66

Qtr4: In the worst possible start for DLS, a good possession get was followed by a woeful disposal from which OC goaled before the 1st minute had elapsed! Margin 22! Although OC were still on top, they appeared to have gone totally defensive thinking the 22 point margin was sufficient! 2 players behind the ball was, I think, not warranted considering their capacity to play positively.

However, that tactic allowed DLS to control the play and at the 2 minute stage, O’Meara, after a strongly contested mark, snapped truly from the FP. Margin 16.

11 minutes of unproductive play, almost entirely in the DLS forward zone, OC surged forward & from a mad scramble close to their goal front, a goal was snapped to restore the margin to “safe” 21 points with about 17 minutes of play remaining. Good play by Seb Filipovic, landed the ball O’Meara who marked on a fast lead. Shoved hard in the back, it was astounding, given these umpires’ proclivity for dishing out 50 meter penalties, that one was NOT awarded in this blatant instance. No matter, Ryan goaled and the margin back to 15 points, at the 21 minute mark.

A minute later, Algeri, with good speed ran close to gaol in the pocket & snapped truly. Margin 9 points! OC were taking every opportunity to “run down the clock” as DLS players struggled to “man up” with virtually the whole OC team forward of the DLS centre, most in the forward zone.

4 minutes of play ensued before Liam Wood marked a clearing kick at CHF & quickly goaled & the margin was back 3 points! This was a game of good intensity with both team’s having their discrete periods of total control! Sad that these umpires saw fit to award some 9, 50 meter penalties (6 DLS 3 OC I think?).

DLS would rue their failure to capitalise on their many opportunities & its ill discipline which certainly cost it the 4 points. DLS have lost its last 3 home game by 4,7, & 3 points, respectively. DLS could so easily be 7.0. As it is DLS is 4th on the ladder with 16 points behind OH, OC, OI all on 20.


Date Time Division Season Round
May 25, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 7


Waverley Oval
Waverley Oval, 425 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145