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Match Report

Best: Tom Filipovic, Seb Filipovic, Pat Bohan, Fraser Cameron, Ryan O’Meara, Luke Healy
Goals: Christian Algeri 3, Nathan Scollo 2, Liam Wood 2, Hugh Nicholson 2, Lachie Gawel 2, Adrian Indovino, Bohan, S Filipovic, Will Mackie, Ethan Bowden,

Qtr1: In an evenly contested quarter DLS squandered its inside 50 opportunities. Will Mackie broke the draught with a fine pass to the leading Lachie Gawel, who goaled from CHF at the 2 minute mark. Tom Stanton, Ethan Bowden & Christian Algeri were on fire, but only behinds were inadequate reward for DLS early dominance. At the 10 minute mark, CG goaled from a rare forward entry & did so again at the 20 minute mark from a free, deep in the FP to take the lead. DLS “could not buy a goal” as the behind tally mounted! At the 26 minute mark, the smallest player in a pack of 5, Hugh Nicholson was freed in the marking contest & converted to restore the lead. This was quickly countered, when CG goaled from a mark in the FP.

DLS 2.5=17 CG 3.1=19

Qtr2: DLS were totally dominant in this stanza, commencing with great attacking play by Algeri, getting on the end of a pass from the returning Jake Williams, to handball to Will Mackie for a goal at the 2 minute mark. Typically, this was followed by a series 4 misses, each of which should have been goals! At the 16 minute mark, a seriously bad option coming out of defence, was intercepted (predictably when at least 2 better options were available), resulted on CG’s only score for the quarter, a goal.

Fraser Cameron, with body strength, crashed through a pack of players, was freed & advantage paid for Tom Filipovic to goal from CHF at the 18 minute mark. Superb running footy landed the ball with Trent Shannon who marked deep in the FP. He passed unselfishly to Seb Filipovic who goaled at the 23 minute mark.

At the 25 minute mark, great clearance play out of defence by Ton Docherty, landed the ball with Liam Wood who goaled to give DLS a 22 point margin at half time. The fact that CG scored only once during this quarter was due to the effective play by the whole defensive unit, with perhaps Docherty, Tom Filipovic & Luke Healy the standouts!

DLS 6.11=47 CG 4.1=25

Qtr3: DLS on fire right from the start with Algeri passing to Ryan O’Meara, who offloaded to Nathan Scollo for his 1st goal, before the 1st minute had elapsed! At the 6 minute mark, Will McKinnon, in his 1st game back from a shoulder injury, was red carded when he strongly talked a CG player whose head hit the ground. What ensued was farcical! The umpire seemed at 1st to just pay the justified free against Wiil. Then when the CG player was experiencing difficulty in getting up, the umpires appeared to confer & awarded a red card to Will. I had clear view of this incident and confirm that there was no sling or attempt to force the CG player’s head to the turf! It was just the strength of the tackle!

While DLS momentum stalled, CG inserted themselves into the contest by marking & goaling immediately after play resumed. At the 17 minute mark, the ball winning skills of Williams were on display & he passed to ? who passed quickly to Liam Wood for DLS’s 8th goal & a lead of 31 at the ¾ time break.

DLS 8.16=64 CG 5.3=33

Qtr4 DLS started in the same manner as for Qtr 3 with Algeri goaling before the 1st minute had elapsed, with clearance from centre, then a tackle at CHF. Despite DLS dominance, CG were up for the contest & had their best quarter of the game in scoring terms. CG goaled at the 7th, 21st (result of double 50 meter penalty against O’Meara), & 26 minute marks respectively. DLS, in a quarter where it kicked more goals than behinds, added goals at the 9th (Nicholson), 13th (Algeri), 17th (Bohan), 19th (Scollo), 24th (Gawle), 27th (Algeri) & 30th minute marks respectively, when finally Adrian Indovino snapped his 1st & DLS’s 16th out of pack, as the siren sounded!

Summary: DLS played some outstanding running footy which would have please former Captain & keen observer, Pat Maher . Pity about Will who will probably get at least 1 week suspension which IS NOT warranted! DLS must get video to show at tribunal!


Date Time Division Season Round
June 22, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 10


Waverley Oval
Waverley Oval, 425 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145