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Match Report

Qtr 1: With light rain falling, the game started in reasonable conditions, but with lights already on due to the gloomy overhead. Beaumaris opened enthusiastically in what was, for them, a critical game for their season
prospects. Smart play saw them goal at the 1 minute mark. The defence was holding firm with Sean Fisher prominent. Lachie Gawel, Fraser Cameron Campbell Bedford & Adrian Indovino were “in everything” culminating in Gawel
snapping truly from the top of the goal sq at the 4 minute mark. Tom Stanton marked strongly in the BP to repel a promising Beaumaris attack & send ball forward where Cameron clever avoided the pack to pass to Indovino, who got DLS’s 2nd at the 11 minute mark. Strong contested play ensued before the “flood gates” opened, staring with Ryan O’Meara’s contested mark on the HFF. He goaled, with aid of a 50 meter penalty, at the 16 minute mark.

Goals at the 21, 23, & 30 minute marks respectively, from Hugh Nicholson (great pass from Gawel), Gawel, & Nicholson again , freed for high tackle.

DLS 6.3=39 Beaumaris 1.2=8

Qtr2: Despite Beaumaris’ vigorous contest, their ball handling errors proved costly. Indovino continued his good play, passing to Trent Shannon in the goal sq at the 3 minute mark & extend the DLS margin to 37 points. Goals
followed at the 17, 19, 23 & 25 minute marks respectively as DLS dominated the play. Any forward thrust by Beaumaris was easily delt with by Luke Healy & Fisher. DLS goals came from Indovino, (pass from Gawel), Shannon, (pass from Nicholson after a contested pack mark), Algeri, (pass from Campbell Bedford who also was having a fine game), Algeri, (pass from Liam Wood).

Beaumaris had been held scoreless despite many forward thrusts, which were easily countered by Healy & Co. This gave DLS a half time lead of 63 points.

DLS 11.5=71 Beaumaris 1.2=8

Qtr3: Beaumaris came out contesting fiercely resulting in their 2nd goal at the 2 minute mark. It was their 1st goal, since the 1st minute of the 1st quarter. DLS continued its dominance, producing goals at the 8, 12, 21, & 26 minute marks respectively. Fraser Cameron’s goal in particular was a beauty at the 12 minute mark: he burst through the pack in the centre of the ground and dribbled the ball from there to the unguarded goal line! Pat Bohan had a fine quarter with several strong contested marks. His disposals are accurate & well selected.

DLS’s play lifted in this quarter, as I suspect the Beaumaris players tired. DLS scoring 4.5 to Beaumaris’s single goal gave them a margin of 76 points at ¾ time.

DLS 15.10=90 Beaumaris 2.2=14

Qtr 4: Beaumaris, to their great credit, played their best stanza of the match. Their 1.7 to DLS 2.1 evened the quarter. Although several of their 7 behinds were “rushed”, a better return would have seen them win the

DLS missed multiple opportunities to score, by short passing when deep in highly advantageous forward positions. Much better decision making is a must if DLS is to prevail against stronger opposition.
A fine passage of play around the wing resulted in Seb Filipovic goaling from HFF at the 14 minute mark. Beaumaris, after being constantly in their forward zone, goaled from a set shot at the 16 minute mark. Beaumaris then
missed several opportunities to improve the score when kicks on goal fell short allowing DLS defenders to punch the ball through for behinds.

Another string of running & handball by S Filipovis, Gawel & Wood, carried the ball from defence to Algeri on the HFF. His goal from distance, gave DLS a final margin of 86 points

DLS 17.11=113 Beaumaris 3.9=27

Will Mackie was off the ground with concussion in the 2nd quarter. He was ok after the match although he does not know anything about the incident Others advised Will just went down in a fierce, but fair pack contest!

Congratulations to Tom Filipovic, Christian Algeri & Nathan Scollo selected in Premier B rep side! Luke Healy has also been selected in the U19 rep side!


Date Time Division Season Round
June 29, 2024 2:00 pm Seniors 2024 11


Banksia Reserve
Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris