Guns brave the heat to kick off pre-season

Dec 11, 2023

Despite the temperature in the 30’s and humidity to match, our Guns kicked off their pre-season training last Monday, with an intense session.

Training at Korowa Anglican Girls school, they made the most of the rooftop space to practice their fundamental skills, with a cardio session in the gym to finish off.

While the Gun’s source a new coach, our Head of Women’s Football, Breann Moody, put the girls through their first training session.

“We had a good turn-out, plenty of the players came, it was a high intensity session, and it was hot.

“I think it’s a really good start to pre-season.

From what I saw their fitness looks really good. A lot of them have been joining Chop for his runs, ‘50 kms for 50 days’, so I think that has really helped keep their fitness up. We did a HIIT session at the end there to help maintain that fitness up, but overall, they are looking fit and ready to go” Breann said.

She has set them a pre-season challenge which sees two teams face off against each other.

“We do an 8-week program, with a Blue and a Gold team, one led by Rosie and Jess, and Grace & Michelle leading the other.”

Points are assigned for the following activities:
4 points – attending training.
3 points- a run over 3 kms.
2 points for a swim/bike.
1 point for additional exercise.

“It’s a good way to bring out their competitiveness but it also helps keep them connected over the Christmas period. There will be a prize for the team with the most points and also the individual with the most points will get their subs covered by the club”.

With a focus on fundamentals such as hitting the kicks right, controlling the ball drop and some handball basics, the Guns are getting a great start on the 2024 season.