Guns Match Report: Round 10 2022

Jun 23, 2022


We’ve had great luck with the weather conditions for the past 2 rounds. Today was no exception; a pink and blue sunset was the background for the legendary J-Cole’s (Jess Coleman’s) milestone 50 games. The Guns cheered as she broke through her blue and yellow banner, ready to go head to head against the Preston Bullants at W.R. Ruthven Reserve. 

The Guns were off to a promising start with Podge (Paige Hinrichs) kicking the opening goal. I lost count of how many tackles she laid and free kicks she won for the team. On a role, Podge took multiple marks throughout the game, always remaining calm, composed and in control. She reads the ball like no other and is always right where you need her, when you need her. 

Unfortunately the Bullants were hot on our tail, answering back without hesitation. But our Backline Goddess Bourkey (Michelle Bourke) wasn’t going to make it easy for them. Bourkey took some incredible intercept marks in the 50, and can we please talk about those monstrous kick outs!? She is the eyes and ears of the backline, using her voice to direct our defenders, ensuring all bases are covered. We’d be lost without her.

Another young backliner who we’d be lost without is Holly. New to the game this season, Holly has gone from strength to strength. She showed us that when she took an under pressure mark in our defensive 50. Well done Holly!

It was a physical game, and being a late match, the Guns were out of routine. 

The physicality didn’t seem to bother Em-c (Emma Carson) though, she laid big tackles on the stronger bullants, took some beautiful intercept marks and when told by Coach Coops to “Roost”, Em-c showed us how she can boot the ball half way down the ground, what a show. 

Em-c wasn’t the only Gun to “roost”, 50 gamer J-Cole returned to the game strong after injury. Her boot to ball is always a huge leg up for the team, her sheer strength and ability to barge out of the pack is something we had been missing. So glad to have you back J-Cole!

Another Gun returning from a break was Bree and golly, were we happy to see her! She showed us what we’d been missing when she took a contested mark right on the goal line. Bree took advantage of the Bullants while they were distracted by playing on, kicking a goal for De la. An epic comeback Bree!

In fine form again this week was Rosie Shepphard, she put her body on the line for the team when she smothered the football headed for the Bullant’s goals. I think the stitching from the ball will be forever imprinted onto Rosie’s skin #worthit.

Another big thank you to Rachel Whitelaw for getting us over the line with numbers this week. Rach, still recovering from a hamstring injury, returned to the game, and what an outstanding performance. Rach has a way of getting into the pack, getting the ball, and getting away. She did this repeatedly and even had a few attempts at the goals. Rach kicked 2 behinds, but we’ll blame it on the hammy. We know she’ll get one through the sticks soon.  

It took us 2 quarters to find our rhythm, and when we did, it was beautiful. But unfortunately it was too late. We let the Bullants attack us too early and the rest of the match felt like we were playing catch up. With no bench providing fresh legs, it got tougher and tougher as the game went on, to turn up the heat. 

Congratulations J-Cole on your 50 games! Well done!

Preston: 6.5.41  De La Salle: 3.7.25

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