Guns Match Report: Round 4 2022

May 1, 2022

De La Salle make a comeback: The Guns are blazing.

The sun was out for the showdown against Canterbury FC at Basil St Reserve. The perfect conditions were a precursor for what was to come, It was said best by Bruiser (Izy Catrice), one of our key back-liners “(An) amazing game, definitely one of the best we’ve ever played at De La” and I couldn’t agree more. She had a crack in the ruck and didn’t disappoint, with her fists of steel, it’s no wonder we call her ‘Bruiser’.

Lee McHenry made an impact in the midfield; laying some crucial tackles, and using her undeniable power to blast through the pack on numerous occasions. Podge (Paige Hinrichs) was responsible for the calm energy in the forward 50, she reads the play and knows where to be and when, the stellar goal she kicked in front of the sticks is a testament to this.

Drizzy (Sarah Driscoll) put on a show for us all with their snap-kicks out of the pack, we can count on them to get us out of trouble every time. Kym Morgan had her debut today and what an impression she made; taking an incredible mark in front of the goals, she selflessly passed the ball on, resulting in a goal.

We saw Jess Carson’s sister, Emma return to the game, what an epic comeback! With the Carson sisters reunited, Canterbury didn’t stand a chance. Both the Carson’s teamed up for a quick handball off, shepherd and goal! Speaking of goals, Grace McDonell kicked her first, we can always count on the speedy winger to pick up the crumbs, today, she got to eat her cake too.

Bourkey’s (Michelle Bourke’s) pressure and discipline in the backline is crucial, this was evident when Canterbury snuck in their first goal in the last quarter, it was in the absence of our Backline Beast Bourkey who was in the forward line; kicking her first goal for De La. What a ripper! In a similar fashion, Captain Jen Males got to celebrate her first goal of the season, the positivity and good vibes on the field is attributed to Jen’s leadership; when heads were low from the previous round, Jen ensured all focus was what mattered most. Every member of the team elevated their game and played with intent; everyone contributed to this win.

As the old saying goes; ‘Teamwork makes the Dream-Work” and watching the Guns play today, felt like a dream.

Result: De La 5.10.40 v Canterbury 1.0.6

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