Guns Match Report: Round 6 2022

May 15, 2022

The famous line from Julie Andrews that “strength doesn’t lie in numbers” was something the Guns were firmly holding onto in their Round 6 match up against Preston. Faced with 16 players against the third team on the ladder, the Guns were presented with their biggest challenge yet (not to mention the wet and windy conditions at Basil St). Once again the Guns came together as a team and focused on the famous three: intent, back up and composure.

The first quarter played out evenly, with the ball spending time in both teams forward 50s. The Guns backline once again held strong under the pressure of Preston, who were lucky enough to dribble one through in the dying seconds of the quarter.

Preston snuck another goal through in the early minutes of the second quarter, but the Guns came back fighting. Jess Coleman and Lee McHenry played key roles in getting the ball moving forward, with some helpful taps from Katie Lindkvist, which gave the Guns plenty of opportunity on goal. Grace McDonell slotted our first goal through, proving once again she can play in any position on the field. Lee was rewarded for all her efforts and kicked the second goal for the Guns, getting them back in the match.

Left with 15 players and heading against the wind in the third term meant the Guns had to fight hard as a team. They got the perfect start thanks to the sister act of Emma and Jess Carson. Emma’s kick into the forward 50 was destined for her sister Jess, who took a huge pack mark and followed it up with a beautiful goal!

The fourth quarter played out like a highlights reel, starting with Grace McDonell’s slick one handed pick up and follow on kick into the forward 50 (impressive enough on its own, but add in the wet conditions and it’s wizardry!). We saw an amazing intercept by star backliner Izy Catrice, whose kick seemed to stop time as it travelled just about the entire length of the field! Then came Jess Coleman, playing in the backline, who found herself in unfamiliar territory with space in the forward line. She used it to her full advantage and kicked a HUGE goal! Paige Hinrichs, who is fast becoming the Guns go to forward, kicked the final goal of the term and guaranteed the Guns their win.

Every single Gun played their role in the fourth quarter, proving once again that the strength of the Guns lies in their ability to play together as a team (no matter how small!). Maybe Julie Andrews was onto something after all!

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