It’s game 250 for Steve Hogan this weekend

Apr 28, 2023

Since 2007 Steve Hogan has been pulling on the Blue and Gold jumper for De La, every year.

His achievements on the field are to be celebrated, playing in three grand final teams and Captaining and Coaching our B Grade Reserves to a Grand Final win last year.

His commitment, leadership and club spirit are a fantastic addition to our De La and we even discovered his ability to write and perform poetry at last year’s Best and Fairest Awards!

Congratulations Steve and enjoy your 250th game.


2008   Member U19 Golds Premiership Team 2008

2010   50 Games Played: Round  1

2010    Member of Thirds Grand Final Team

2012   100 Games Played: Round 18

2015   150 Games Played: Round 16

2018   200 Games Played: Round 1

2023   250 Games Played: Round   3

2014   1st Senior Game:     Round  3

2014   Reserves Most Consistent

2022   Reserves Captain/Coach “B” Grade Premiers