One of our youngest recruits scores high

May 30, 2023

Year 12 student Luke Lloyd’s is a bit of a record-breaker, being one of the youngest ever players to play in our Seniors team. His brother Joe, a De La player, proudly presented him with his playing jumper earlier this season.

It was a huge milestone for any young player and for any club.

And it seems that was just the beginning, as Luke is shaping up to be a player who just keeps creating new milestones and records.

Last week the De La Salle College football captain blew his own 14-goal record out of the park, with an incredible 19 goals in a game against Mazenod.

With 5 players on him at a time to try and slow him down, Luke was unstoppable, with the college team beating Mazenod by 184 points.

De La Salle College’s Assistant Coach Declan McLaughlin remarked “he’s the captain of that side and he’s such a humble kid that all the boys absolutely look up to him and really, really respect him. He is a very team-first focused player, he loved the performance in the end, he was really invested.”

In another great moment for the young player, he got to step out with his brother Joe for De La, for the first time last weekend.

Congratulations Luke on so many great moments this season.