Seniors Match Report: Round 1 2022

Apr 7, 2022

A difficult day for the Seniors against Old Haileybury.  Early in the first qtr we lost Tex Walker with a knee injury and Liam Jenkins.  Both likely to be back for next week.  Old Haileybury settled far more quickly and were cleaner at the contest and with delivery into the forward line.  In contrast we were messy with our ball handling and struggles to find forward targets. 

Good work from Adrian Indivino up forward kept us scoring.  Some of the first gamers started well.  Harry Hawker seemed at home and got better as the day went on. Rob Ritson marked strongly and took his turn in the ruck.  The second half was a far better effort and we were able to keep the game on terms – though unable to make a dent on the OH lead. 

Our ball movement from defence improved as Sam Williams beat opponents and drove us forward.   Our midfield got busy.  Jake Williams and Hugh Nicholson racked up good possessions whilst Cam Roberts and Howie Persson were strong at the coal face.  We have a bit to work on this week.  

Back to De La Salle was Nick Curwood who was good both back and forward.  Alex Lvovsky and Copper Morris playing their first senior games in over three years were solid contributors as were first gamers Ritson, Hawker and Aitken.  Sam and Jake Williams provided great run from the back half.  Matt Colak toiled well in the ruck for long periods. 

Seniors Match Report: Round 16 2022

Seniors Match Report: Round 16 2022

Round 17 saw us host Williamstown at home. Given the rain deluge all week, we were treated to wet, heavy and sluggish conditions. Having won our...