Seniors Match Report : Round 2 2022

Apr 12, 2022

In a very even first quarter, we made a much more positive start to the match with a goal through Indovino in the first few minutes.  The first half was a tight and physical contest and with the pressure came skill and decision making errors that were costly.

The first half left us with a five point deficit.  Unfortunately, we could only manage two goals in the second half and whilst competitive in the contest we were exposed on turnover and in the outside game.  Uni Blacks were able to add on 8 goals in the second half.

The backline worked tirelessly all day.  O’Meara, Deane-Johns, Sam Williams and Geordie Nagle each had solid performances.  Jake Williams gave drive between the arcs and Rob Ritson presented well in a tough battle.  

A late injury to Aaron Wheatley will see him side-lined with a broken arm.  However, Geordie Nagle who suffered a heavy knock seems to have avoided any major damage despite a bit of a scare.

Much work to do over the Easter week before we face another challenge against Beaumaris who had a big win over Old Carey.

Result: De La Salle Seniors 6.9.45  vs Uni Blacks 13.8.86

Seniors Match Report: Round 16 2022

Seniors Match Report: Round 16 2022

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