Under 19 Gold Match Report: Round 12 2022

Jul 7, 2022

With the Blues having a bye we welcomed a number of their best players to replace regular stalwarts LT, Lanigan, Duncan and Bullard. We also new that Monash were undermanned so went into the game with confidence that we could get some revenge from Round 7 when they beat us by 116 points.

Nids led the way in the first quarter in the ankle deep mud, and was ably supported by JT, Sully and Reedy. Richo and Algeri worked their way into the game and big Robo started well with 3 first quarter goals. Charlie Maxwell is an exciting talent and kicked 2 nice goals also including one from the boundary. Tinzy also hit the scoreboard. Strong work off half back led by Stef and Harry M.

Quarter Time 6-2-36 v 0-2-2

We dominated play in the 2nd quarter but squandered many scoring chances with inaccurate kicking. Algeri was on fire with 2 goals and set-up Bedford for another. Hugo’s pass to Hoppy was a highlight and Liakakos dominated across half-back. JT, Nids and Harry McLean combined to set-up Sammy Martin for a shot on goal.

Half Time 9-9-63 v 0-3-3

The boys were dominating the match and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Kingy set-up Martin with a perfect pass which resulted in our first goal. JT was getting on top in the middle giving first use to the hungry mids. Barnett’s forward pressure resulted in a clever Maxwell goal, Algeri’s perfect kick from the boundary found Robo at the top of the square, Kelliher was selling candy, Mikel’s lovely pass set-up Tom Richard’s for a hanger, Bedford was on fire and down back skipper Jabber’s 2nd efforts set-up McLean who’s pass to Robo resulted in his 5th goal.

¾ Score 16-11-107 v 1-4-10

The last quarter highlights were Nids kicking 2 great goals and Campbell Bedford’s hanger. Sullivan also kicked a great goal and Harry McLean, a great smother.

Final Score DLS 19-20-134 v Monash Blues 2-6-18.

Yes that’s 116 points, exactly the same margin they beat us by in Round 7!

This win was great for the Golds and lifted us off the bottom of the ladder. We know it will be back to reality next game against top team St Bedes but I reckon we can give them a scare.

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