Under 19 Gold Match Report: Round 15 2022

Aug 5, 2022

In another brilliant performance our boys took revenge on Ormond with a 9 goal win at home.

Captain Jack won the toss again and we kicked with the aid of a 3 goal wind. Jake (Horse) Miller was back from injury and made an immediate impact with 3 goals in the first quarter. The first was caused by a Hopkins tackle which released a loose ball to Duncan who passed to Boscacci. The 2nd and 3rd were set-up by Liakokos who kicked our 4th goal himself. The 5th was set-up by Martinz who’s clean half-volley pick-up set-up Boscacci.

¼ time DLS 5.4.34 v Ormond 1.2.8

Ormond were working hard but we restricted them to just 1 goal while we managed to kick 2 more into the wind. Kelliher and Reed worked hard on their wings while Lawless, Mounas and Zampagna controlled the backline. LT worked his way into the game and along with Welling set-up Boscacci for his 2nd goal. 

½ time DLS 7.5.47 v Ormond 2.6.18

Great quarter by McNidder who kicked 2 assisted by McLean who took over the in the middle. Barnett brought down their ruckman with a strong tackle and inspired everyone around him. Duncan hit the scoreboard and Horse kicked his 4th after taking a strong courageous mark. 

¾ time DLS 11.8.74 v Ormond 4.6.30

The challenge was to outscore them again into the wind and remind them who was now the superior team. LT, Welling and Martinz teamed up to give Nids his 3rd goal. Mikel laid a strong tackle which set-up a shot at goal from LT. BJ was terrific in the backline with his run and carry and Lanigan was good again. Mikel then hit the scoreboard with a lovely low kick into the wind but was outdone for goal of the day by Bullard who kicked one from 45 on the boundary into the wind. It would have made Jamie Elliott smile!

Final score DLS 14.10.94 v Ormond 5.10.40

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