Under 19 Golds Match Report: Round 10 2022

Jun 23, 2022

Opposition: Old Ivanhoe
Leading into this game, both teams were aware of their similar rankings and abilities, so it was very much an opportunity to notch up an elusive win. Predicated to be a tight tussle, that’s what we got today at our home ground with fair conditions.

Even though we had Stef, George and Reedy back from long term injuries, we were still light on for numbers, so in a display of true club spirit, we had Eddie and Connor help us out after playing their game with the Colts. The first quarter showed good signs with clearances and forward entries going our way, and as a result we were leading at the first break with clever goals from Beau and Nids.
Successive questionable penalties against us were a worry, but the players responded well and refocused.

Work in the centre bog hole was tough going, but our mids were handling conditions well. Sammy Martin and Mikel were getting busy and both converted classy goals. Our backline in Lanigan, Mounas, King, Reedy, Mitch and Stef were terrific in the second quarter as Ivanhoe found some momentum. Main break had us up by a few goals.

The third quarter saw Ivanhoe fight back hard, but DeLa were showing great fight and resilience. Our wingers in Shaun and BJ were moving the ball well out of defense, and Tinna, Billy and Beau were competing well up forward. Ivanhoe kept slogging away, and a couple of their bigger bodies were looking dangerous.

As the game was getting tighter in the fourth quarter, DeLa knew that a goal was needed to deflate the visitors. Our work horses in JT and LT pounded away in the middle, and then BJ broke away from his man to kick a huge team goal on the run. Some crucial tackling by our guys, and exhaustive efforts by all players to run the game out was a real highlight.

Score: DeLa 8-6-54 def Old Ivanhoe 6-9-45
Goal Kickers: Bullard 3, Thomas 1, McNidder 1, Martin 1, Laoumtzis 1, Byrne-Jones 1

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