Wellbeing – Out of the Blue   

Mission Statement

To provide education, training, and support to the wider De La Salle community to provide the necessary knowledge and skillsets to be able to identify , acknowledge, and provide assistance within all areas of mental health and wellbeing



As a Club with over 300 people actively engaged weekly within our walls, we believe in an environment of trust, honesty, safety, and wellness, and we want to look after our own. A reflection of society, with added sports industry specific triggers, we know some people at certain times will need guidance and support. We will have people needing support with depression, anxiety, harassment, addiction, abuse, and motivation. We want to be able to offer help to anyone who needs it. By engaging with medical professionals in Psychology, Nutrition, Sports Science, Human Resources, and Life Coaches, we will provide the necessary means to provide the assistance required.


Mental Health First Aid Officers

  • Michael Scardamaglia
  • Dale Christie
  • Mackenzie Topfer
  • Phil Proy
  • Will Mackie
  • Jess Carson
  • Ed Clinch

Out of the Blue Events

OOTB Program