De La Salle1618114
Monash Blues3523

Match Report

Conditions were intimidating. Sunny, but with a 5-6 goal blustery wind favouring the John O’Halloran scoreboard end, to which DLS were kicking. As so often happens to a team kicking with the “aid” of a very strong wind, we blasted away, scoring 5 behinds before Adrian Indovino marked in a pack to kick DLS 1st at the 9 minute mark. We were consistently rushing our forward entries with the result that Monash players around CHF, were waxing uncontested marks.

From a big scramble in the FP, Indovino grubbed a kick to Pat Russell in the goal square for our 2nd at the 14 minute mark. Monash were getting plenty of ball into their forward zone despite the wind. Luke Healy headed a strong defensive unit & repelled several promising Monash entries. Monash goaled from an obvious free at the 18 minute mark.

It took a further 6 minutes of ineffective footy before Charlie Aitken, showing strength, snapped truly from a ruck situation in the FP. Liam Wood took a fine mark,  as the siren sounded but his long, accurate kick fell just short. DLS looked vulnerable, leading by 21 points with the score line of 3.10-28 : 1.1-7

DLS ran the ball into the wind superbly & were thwarted by normal range shots falling short. Adrian Indovino was “in everything” creating several promising opportunities. The defence again stood strong with Nathan Scollo & smaller runners constantly relieving any Monash forward thrusts. DLS goaled at the 16 & 18 minute mark, though Curtis Day & Hamish Curtis (?) while keeping Monash to 2 behinds.

A brilliant example of into the wind running, back up footy, which provided DLS with a comfortable 34 point lead at ½ time, 5.13-43: 1.3-9

The 3rd quarter with the wind was outstanding, in sharp contrast to that of Qtr 1. Nathan Scollo moved up forward, marked as he pleased and kicked 2 goals. Goals came from everywhere as players, with the ball in hand, accurately spotted up those in better positions. Gaols scorers, apart from Scollo were, Curtis Day, Adrian Indovino, Jack Gava, Seb Filipovic.

Monash did goal at the 20 minute mark, as a results of some uncharacteristic “mucking around” across our half back line, which did NOT go unnoticed by Nick Hyland. His ¾ time comments were pointed & direct! A 7 goal to 1 quarter was a fine achievement by the whole team. Score line 12.16-86 :  2.3-15

The 4th quarter was similar to that of the 2nd with DLS playing with good run & purpose. It was fast becoming a Scollo benefit as he added 2 more. There were many examples of really good footy. None better than when Zach McKinney beat 2 opponents near the wing, passed accurately to Scollo, who played on from that mark, passing to Pat Russell in the far forward pocket, from which he goaled. The team should be rightfully pleased with their performance. If you were not in our best 6, it was not performance related! It was just that those 6 were just a bit better!

Although Monash, who to their credit, did not stop trying, are struggling, our team had to contend with the difficult conditions and the loss of Liam Wood, (medial ligament) and Adrian Indovino (hand injury) .Unfortunately, Beaumaris, who are 1 game behind us, but with a big % advantage, defeated St Bernards at Beaumaris by 1 point.

Bye next week & then off to Williamstown.

Best: Nathan Scollo, Luke Healy, Christian Algeri, Sean Fisher, Jack Gava, Curtis Day
Goals: Scollo 4, Adrian Indovino 4, Day 2, Pat Russell2, Hamish Curtis, Gava, Charlie Aitken, Seb Filipovic


Date Time Division Season Round
July 8, 2023 2:00 pm Seniors 2023 12


Waverley Oval
Waverley Oval, 425 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145