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Match Report

DLS lost to Beaumaris, in an extra time, in a gripping 1st semi final yesterday, at the Trevor Barker oval Sandringham!

DLS were well on top in a tense opening, played in unusually perfect conditions at the TB oval. The tactical placement of Seb Filipovic paid off when his superb tackle resulted in free, from which he goaled at the 6 minute mark. 10 minutes of close checking footy ensued with Beaumaris gradually gaining ascendency, goaling at the 15 & 16 minute marks respectively. DLS sustained a major blow, when CHB Nick Curwood was concussed, in a pack marking contest late in the quarter. Matt Hill intercepted a kick in, to goal from 40 meters out on the HFF, at the 21 minute mark. Beaumaris responded, almost immediately, to end a strongly contested 1st quarter and lead by 6 points: 2.5-17 : 3.5-23

The 2nd quarter opened with 5 minutes of contested footy, but with Beaumaris having much the better in clearances. A packed scramble in the DLS goal square saw Campbell Bedford soccer through a gaol at the 5 minute mark. From that point on however, Beaumaris took over! DLS players seemed non plussed and could not get possession, as Beaumaris cleared contest relentlessly! Goaling at 11,14, 16 & 22 minute marks, Beaumaris took a seemingly match winning lead of 29 points into the main break: DLS 3.5-23  Beaumaris 7.10-52

The coaching panel made what turned out to be several (5 I think) tactical moves at ½ time. Nick Hyland stressed that DLS had 1 hour to rectify the game situation. Stressing that the catch up could be made gradually! The freeing up of Joe Lloyd almost paid immediate dividends, but Sean Fisher missed from close range, but on a difficult angle. Beaumaris took the ball, end to end to goal in response at the 2 minute mark. Lloyd to Gawel 40 meters out on boundary saw DLS goal at the 8 minute mark. Sam Williams was dominant on the road side wing, with clever possessions. At the 15 minute mark, he delivered perfectly to Liam Murphy, who cleverly played on, kicking to Joe Lloyd, who marked and converted from CHF.
The game had turned totally, as Beaumaris were unable to match the speed & play on style of DLS. Tom Filipovic, ventured down from his HBF, to intercept & goal on the run at the 22 minute mark. Adrian Indovino took a superb pack mark, but his kick from 25 meters, directly in front missed to the right!
Jake Williams, who as usual was under a tight tag, delivered perfectly to Trent Shannon who marked & converted at the 29 minute mark to end a brilliant 3rd quarter. The margin had been reduced from 29 to 15: 7.8-50 : 9.11-65

DLS began the qtr. 4 brilliantly, with good ball movement resulting in Adrian Indovino marking, 40 meters out but on a difficult angle. His goal at the 3 minute mark reduced to margin to 9 points! Beaumaris were hard at every contest & were rewarded, goaling out of a contest close to goal, almost immediately. They goaled again at the 6 minute mark with a long snap from their HFF. It appeared that DLS’s run had finished as Beaumaris tied play up in pack after pack, denying DLS players any space to run. After 10 minutes of this intense play Trent Shannon snapped a goal from a pack (which is his trademark) at the 16 minute mark. He followed up 4 minutes later, with a mark & goal from the HFF at the 20 minute mark. Christian Algeri, who had been closely marked all game, goaled from long range , to reduce the margin to 6 points at the 25 minute mark! How to describe the next 5 minutes of play? Frenetic. Desperate.
Players running on just adrenaline! Just before the siren sounded Pat Bohan was awarded a free for a ruck infringement, 40 meters out directly in front!
He calmly went back a fair way to kick accurately and tie the scores at 82 points each!

2* 5 minutes of extra time, with time on, was to be played with teams exchanging ends at the end of the 1st period of extra time. Beaumaris goaled 1 minute in from a very dubious free! DLS added 2 behinds & Beaumaris 1 to leave the margin at 5 points, Beaumaris’s way at the conclusion of the 1st period of extra time. Players were literally “out on their” feet. Pat Bohan was continuing to ruck gamely! Josh Cumberlidge was denied a mark or “chopping the arms” free in a pack situation on DLS’s HFF!
The siren sounded with DLS 5 points in arrear. What an outstanding game of footy! Think Beaumaris will easily account for Fitzroy, who were thrashed by St Bernards, to advance to Premier division in 2024

There were emotional scenes in DLS rooms! Nick Hyland praised his team for their commitment to the plan. Thanked all his support team, physio’s & all the support staff. He also acknowledged the supporters.

Sam Williams made an emotional speech announcing his retirement!

Best: Lachie Gawel, Sam Williams, Joe Lloyd, Tom Docherty, Trent Shannon, Pat Bohan
Goals: Shannon 3, Lloyd, T Filipovic, Campbell Bedford, Gawel, S Filipovic, Adrian Indovino, Bohan, Christian Algeri, Matt Hill, Bohan


Date Time Division Season Round
September 9, 2023 2:15 pm Seniors 2023 Semi FInal


Trevor Barker Oval
Trevor Barker Oval, Sandringham