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De La Salle6440

Match Report

Reality check today against stronger and more determined opponents. Very windy conditions today greeted our boys at Stradbroke Park. The ground more resembled a cow paddock in some sections with a strong Northerly sweeping across the ground.

De La started the game well and made the most of some well fought stoppages. Lucas was busy early and gave us great drive out of the middle. Our first goal resulted in some slick ball movement across half back, and then a smart long kick over the top of Old Xavs defence to a vacant forward line, gave Mitch a good look at an open goal. Another couple of goals from Joey and Paddy put us in a great position, however, the home side counter punched well and evened up the score at the first break.

Second quarter was like playing a different side – Old Xavs started winning contests, and had good numbers around the ball. They dominated their forward entry count, and gave us a few headaches with their talls, but to DeLa’s credit, our backs worked extremely hard to limit the home side to only one goal.

After the half time break, we knew what was required. Quite simply we needed to win the ball at stoppages, and win contests around the ground. Unfortunately we were unable to execute this plan, and the Old Xavs onballers started flexing their muscle. Another six goals for Old Xavs, and only two forward entries for DeLa resulted in a scoreless quarter for the boys.

Positives from the last quarter were that we matched the opposition in clearances, and created some good passages of play with linking and consecutive possessions. Another three goals from our forwards, all set shots, which were due to well timed leads and precision forward entries.

Definitely a game that we can learn from – a true test of character awaits for when we next play this mob.

Goals: M. Wain 2, D. Kaminaris 2, J. Fisicaro 1, P. Russell
Best: L. Liakakos, J. Torey-Toth, S. Cross, M. Wain, J. Fisicaro, K. Rossiter


Date Time Division Season Round
June 17, 2023 2:00 pm Under 19 Blue 2023 9


Stradbroke Park
Stradbroke Park, Burke Rd, Kew East