Guns Match Report: Round 14 2022

Aug 5, 2022

The guns met in the centre of the oval at Beaumaris secondary, the home of the MCC demons who reign undefeated in the competition.

In the centre of the pristine grass oval, that could have been mistaken for carpet, Coach Coops gave us our pep talk. This game was the deciding factor as to whether we made finals. This may have been our last game together for the season, but we don’t like to talk about that.

Quarter 1 MCC were like lions released from a cage, they came at us quick, strong and hard. A few weeks ago it would’ve taken us til half time to ramp up to their level. But one quick goal from MCC, triggered the fire in our bellies and the guns switched on and fought back harder. 

In the backline, Bourkey (Michelle Bourke), in her usual fine form, won possession of the football in an outnumbered contest, numerous times. Rosie Shepperd used her strength, sticking tight to her player, spoiling every mark that came her way. 

Picasso (Jess Carson) was a star today, our key midfielder took marks ‘out of the sky’ DeLa Salle style. She booted the ball forward and hit her target, gaining forward momentum for the guns. Robbo (Emma Robbins) did some damage in the midfield too, she’s quick to hunt the football and blasts forward with lightning speed. She never hesitates and always happens to be in the right place at the right time. Good old Robbo also snagged our first goal for the day in the 3rd term.

In the forward line, Drizzy (Sarah Driscoll) used their speed to chase MCC, putting the pressure on hard! Drizzy got us out of hot water numerous times with a quick kick across the body, directing the footy back into our 50. Their power from a kick-off-a-step is incredible. 

Our Jules Luth had a crack around the ground today, playing on the wing and in the forward line. She spoiled a great mark that was headed for her oppo, but Jules didn’t give it up that easy. 

Rachel Whitelaw was outstanding today too, her run on the ball and ability to keep pushing through the pack worked in our favour. She’s got the speed and stamina to chase and hunt the football, getting there before anyone else. 

As hard as we fought, as badly as we wanted the win, MCC are a well oiled machine and we just couldn’t crack them. Playing against MCC is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by their skill, will, respect and fair play. We embody all these values already so I know it won’t be long before the Guns reign supreme…

It’s been a pleasure playing with the Guns this season, each and every one of us has contributed to the growth and development of this team. It’s with the incredible guidance and tutelage of our coach, Coops, that we can see and feel how far we have come and how much we have improved over the past few months. 

MCC 7.14.56    GUNS 1.3.12

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