Guns Match Report: Round 5 2022

May 9, 2022

Guns, victorious for Mother’s day. 

It was the annual Mother’s Day round that saw the Guns take on Elsternwick for a triple header at Waverley oval. What a show the Guns put on for their Mothers on this frosty morrow. 

It is only fitting that I start off by mentioning the super-mum and stellar full forward, Bridie McConville. Bridie, calm and collected as ever, had control of the forward 50 by holding her ground and creating space. Her ‘team first’ attitude resulted in numerous goal-assists. Her son Raffy was proudly cheering from the sidelines in an unforgettable Mother’s Day clash!

The Viking, Lee McHenry was helmeted and horned for battle today, and I tell ye, she put up a fight! I lose count of the amount of times she had the opposition wrapped up in an unbreakable tackle. And that’s not all, while we can always count on Lee blasting out of the midfield, (and that, she did) we were all witness to her valiant display in the forward line; kicking an epic goal. She wasn’t left unscathed however, a punch to the footy left McHenry’s knuckles black and blue. We hope it’s nothing too serious! 

McHenry wasn’t the only Gun to get bruised on the battlefield; wild and daring CB (Clare Brace) put her body on the line, copping a head to the cheekbone, CB bravely ploughed on, kicking a goal for the team and ensuring no one from the opposition got past her. CB’s body-on-body contact is sublime. We just hope her beautiful face wasn’t compromised for the victory.  

Interchanging between the mid and forward pocket was Peddles (Luisa Marrollo). Peddles returned stronger than ever after her recovery from the big plague. Her ability to smoothly pick up the ball, speed away from an opponent and kick a handy goal was on show in the third quarter and allowed the Guns to break away from Elsternwick.

Widening the margin further, was thanks to our young warrior Jules Luth. She proved that she can play anywhere on the field. She’s got a pep in her step and a knack in presenting for the footy. The cherry on top was when she kicked two goals in quick succession. Jules was celebrated, surrounded by her comrades. 

Meg Hallet, also a newcomer to De La Salle, was fearless in the ruck, Meg towers over most and used her stature to her advantage. Her bravery was shown when she pushed back as Elsternwick tried to intimidate her. My advice is to keep your eye on this one, she is thirsty for a goal, and it won’t be long before she kicks her first … 

The ever courageous, Cole (Jess Coleman) is never afraid to cop a tackle, she knows that no one can keep a grip on her. Cole barged through the pack over and over, taking on 2 or 3 of the opposition at once. Her boot to ball was explosive, gaining more valuable land for the Guns.

The daring Drizzy (Sarah Driscoll) was being hunted by the opposition, in an attempt to squander their game. Elsternwick’s efforts fell flat however, and we saw Drizzy zip around the field. When Drizzy’s got the ball it’s a game of cat and mouse. Good luck to whoever is chasing them! 

Once again, it was a dedicated, team effort by all, that made this win possible. We lifted again from the previous round and we’re only looking up from here on. 

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