Under 19 Golds Match Report: Round 18 2022

Aug 22, 2022

Playing against Preston in our last game of the season, the opposition have been showing good form of late, and have cemented their spot in the top four. Today’s game could have been approached by Preston in a variety of ways, but for us, we were just focused on two things – to have a crack, and to
enjoy it.
Conditions at their home ground in Preston were extremely wet and slippery. It was evident from the start that we needed strength around the contests, Thomas and McNidder certainly provided that, and were well supported by Stef and JT. Our smalls such as Duncan and Reed got busy and linked up with Martinz to kick a goal in the 1 st quarter. The home side converted well in the first half
and had a commanding lead at half time.
Tough day for our talls, but Smooth did well in the ruck, and McCarthy competed well at both endsof the ground. Our mids were challenged at half time, and really lifted their work rate in the 3 rd quarter. Even though Preston found space, and their mark count was way higher than ours, DeLa’s backline stayed strong, which has been the case all season. JT, Mounas, Barny and Sanga never gave up, and Mackintosh and Kingy were playing their roles well on respective wings.
One highlight of today’s game was when Jabs went forward a couple of times. He made the most of his new surroundings and kicked a couple of goals. The last quarter was also a highlight in which we outscored the opposition.
A huge thank you to our crew (Kinna, Stu and Trainers) for their support and care for this team. Thanks to all the parents for helping out with match day roles, and a massive thank you to all the players for their efforts and desire to play for each other – we have all loved watching you play this great game.

Score: Preston 15-13-103 def DeLa 4-7-31
Goal Kickers: Lawless 2, Martinz 1, Bullard 1

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