Under 19 Golds Match Report: Round 8 2022

May 30, 2022

The Golds took on Williamstown today at Dairy Dome, another tough challenge for the boys as Willy so far has notched up solid wins against strong opposition.

Healthy numbers, together with some handy inclusions got DeLa up and about in the first quarter. A couple of quick clearances and marks across half forward were good signs, and clever goals from our small forwards were a highlight. Hugo Jack copped a bad forearm injury which unfortunately saw him exit the game.

The Golds were able to find good momentum for most of the second quarter with debutant Tom Welling getting plenty of touches. We were close to winning the quarter, except Willy got a few quick majors late in the quarter.

The challenge at half time was to prevent any potential blow outs during the second half, as has been the case over previous weeks. The boys responded well, particularly our backs and mids. They maintained their work rate and transitioned to defence quite well. 

Fourth quarter saw our best scoring result for the season so far – Kelliher found another gear, while Laoumtzis was busy up forward. BJ and Mounas also had their best quarters for the day, and Lanigan capitalised with a goal from his surprise move to the forward line.

The positives from today were that the Golds fought it out to the end and played with passion and purpose, which are really good signs for future success.

Result: De La 7-5-47 v Williamstown 17-15-117
Goal Kickers: Kelliher 1, Jack 1, Welling 1, King 1, Laoumtzis 1, Byrne-Jones 1, Lanigan 1
Best Players: Torey-Toth, Thomas, Kelliher, Lawless, Welling, McNidder

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